Julia Stiles Will Be ‘Psychologically & Physically Damaged’ On ‘Dexter’


Julia Stiles is keeping relatively tight-lipped about her upcoming guest starring role on the 5th season of Dexter but she has started talking a wee bit about her role. Showtime, as you can well imagine, does not want too many deets about the 5th season to come out before it debuts this September but in a new interview with Zap 2 It, Stiles does give us hints at what’s to come:

Showtime remains tight-lipped about what’s going down in the upcoming season of “Dexter,” but recently cast Julia Stiles opened up — if only a tad — about her new role and what drew her to the series. “I watch a lot of shows on HBO and Showtime,” Stiles tells the New York Times, “but I was sort of reluctant about working on one — until ‘Dexter’ came along, because I also really love the way that they’ve set up these guest actors. There’s always a really interesting arc that a guest needs to do.” It doesn’t hurt that she comes on the heels of the series’ most-praised guest to date. John Lithgow took home a Golden Globe for his supporting turn as the trinity killer, and that same role recently earned him an Emmy nomination for guest actor. So will Stiles follow in his serial killer footsteps or might she provide some post-Rita love interest for newly widowed Dexter? It’s still up in the air. But what we do know is that the character’s name is Lumen, and she’s described as “psychologically and physically damaged.” Her introduction to the cast presents Dexter with a dilemma — which sounds like it has love interest written all over it. For now, the TV newbie just seems excited by the idea of playing a character over the course of a season. “In a weird way it reminds me of the making of the ‘Bourne’ movies,” she says. “The script is always changing, so you might shoot a scene and then all of a sudden you are handed pages, and you have to memorize your lines really quickly. It’s like acting in a vacuum a little bit. There’s a different kind of challenge, but part of me really likes it.”

To be honest, I’ve not given Stiles’s upcoming stint on Dexter very much thought. I mean, I generally like her as an actress and have enjoyed some of the movies she’s starred in (the Bourne Identity films, O, Hamlet with Ethan Hawke) but she’s not one of those actresses that I really think about much. I have every confidence in the Dexter writers, tho, and I’m certain they will craft a character for her that will fit in perfectly on the show. I hope they don’t make her into the big villain of the season like they did for John Lithgow, that seems a bit too obvious for me. I’m hoping that her character will be introduced and/or utilized in an inventive new way. I think Julia Stiles has the acting chops to bring any character to life, here’s hoping her work on Dexter will turn out to be her best ever.