Courtney Love Launches A New Blog


Self-professed fashionista and renown trainwreck Courtney Love has recently launched a new “fashion blog” called What Courtney Wore Today in order to share her love of fashion as well as “whatever comes” with any and everyone. Here is a photo and post which she published yesterday afternoon:

pool at the Chateau Marmont high kook, but cute!

( its always 80 degrees in that pool!)

The blog seems to be mostly about the photos that C. Love posts but there is some commentary for fans to read. The first post of this new blog was published on July 13 and since then Courtney has posted 20 pages of photos … of herself. I think it’s safe to say there’s a bit of a narcissistic bent to her blog but, then again, isn’t there a bit of a narcissistic bent to every blog in existence? Courtney Love never ceases to find ways of spewing the crap that is going on inside her head all over the internet. First it was My Space, then it was Facebook, then Twitter and now this new blog. I think it might be a bit interesting to watch what she ends up posting on this site … you never know when she’s going to suffer another online breakdown.


  • Jstar

    If you can understand what the heck she is talking about…

  • Stephani

    She’s not the one doing the actual blogging; she sends pictures into the person running the site and they add the captions which normally include what designer(s) she’s wearing and where she is.

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  • Daniel Fierro

    So… where is Miranda Kerr honeymooning?

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