Hot Dude Of The Week: Philip Fusco


It is time … once again … to gawk and gander at the newly crowned Hot Dude of the Week. Even tho I am in Paris, France this weekend that does NOT mean we shouldn’t take our weekly pause to admire and fondle with our eyes a hunky piece of manflesh. Today’s Hot Dude was photographed by Joe TickNow … let’s say hello to Philip Fusco:

While I could certainly do without the brass knuckle dog tags (which to me does not scream tough masculinity as I’m sure is intended), I don’t think the unnecessary accessory takes away too much from the overall photo. Philip, here, looks serious and ready for business … just what business I’m sure can be left up to y’all’s vivid imaginations ;) Enjoy!!

[Photo credit: Joe TickNow; Source]

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  • fran

    yes it would be better without the silly dog tag, but still hot

    you should check out sooo many hot guys of all types on there , and hot blog too.