Ryan Murphy Shares New Details About The Britney Spears Episode Of ‘Glee’


Last Friday we learned the AMAZING news that Glee has decided to do an all Britney Spears musical episode when the show returns in the Fall with its second season. After the huge success of the Madonna episode that aired last week, fans began to rally for Glee to devote an entire episode to the fun pop music of Britney Spears. Today we get to hear from Glee creator Ryan Murphy, who spoke to TV Guide magazine, about what he’s got planned for the Britney ep. Read on …

Here’s one Glee fans should have seen coming: That upcoming Britney Spears-themed episode? It will revolve around New Directions’ own Brittany (Heather Morris). Of course! Series creator Ryan Murphy tells TVGuide.com exclusively that McKinley High’s deliciously ditzy Cheerio Brittany will be at the center of Season 2’s tribute to Spears. And it gets better. Brittany will be belting out not one, but two of the pop star’s tunes. “Heather’s actually got a terrific voice,” Murphy says. No word yet on which numbers they’ll be, but just imagine the possibilities: Brittany could sing “Boys” (because she’s hooked up with everyone, even Kurt) or “Toxic” (which could be her ode to Kurt!) Would “Oops!…I Did It Again” be too obvious? Hmm… Morris already seems sold on the idea. “I heard there’s a Britney Spears episode coming up and fingers crossed that I get to sing, because I play Brittany and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, it’s insane,'” Morris told E! Online last month.

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I am SO excited at the prospect of an episode of Glee devoted to Britney Spears, I can barely stand it. AND … AND … AND … get this … Ryan Murphy promises that the Britney ep will be the second episode of Season 2!! Brittany doing Britney … it’s beyond perfect! I am really, really excited. Woot!!!


  • nicole

    I love that Brittany is getting more air time..shes great.
    but i still think this is a bad idea. and im hoping this is the last ‘tribute’ episode. atleast its happening early in the season.

    • @nicole — No way, I’m telling you right now … there will be more artist centric eps. Shows like these know how to beat a dead horse to further death. I’m just glad that the ep is sooner rather than later when the novelty really gets old.

  • sarah

    yay!!! i only knew it was a matter of time before brit got her own episode and i will have to set my PVR for that one.

  • Mr,.Gyllenhaal

    As long as they keep having episodes devoted to icons ie Brittney, Madonna then we are all good! I think the Beatles, Cher, Journey would be other great choices. If they ever did someone like LLO then we might have problems!!!! I think these kinds of episodes keep people coming back! Let’s be honest, it is the music and the songs that really pull you in, well outside of Sue Sylvester!

  • ashley

    Brittany is my favorite character! So excited for this!

  • Winona

    To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to a Britney Spears episode until I heard that it would center on Brittany – NOW it’s all good!!

  • D

    And a cover by New Directions would be so epic ! Britney has so many “bitch” songs under her belt that this could be another female empowerment episode, just like the one on Madonna.
    I think that it’s cool they do it early in the season so that we won’t feel like it’s just another trick they found to get their audience hooked on the show !
    Sooooooooo excited ! Wonder if she will guest star ! That’d be really cool too

  • Tom

    Squeel indeed! In fact, I’ll raise that with a ‘giddy’!

  • I was thinking last night that Santana could do a mean “Circus.”


    I hope they do some of Britney’s new songs and just not her old ones! I would love to hear “Womanizer” and “Circus” or even “Piece of Me”! Her new songs are just as good as her od ones…but I would love to hear BOMT,OIDIA, Stronger, etc.!

  • Lulu

    SSOooooo exciting!!! :)

  • Illise

    Britanny is perfect for a Britney ep lol i cant wait i love glee and i do like britney songs i never tough i was going to love the madonna episode so much cause im not a huge fan of her but i love britney lol

  • Trevor


    Haha! Brittany is so spazzy, she’s gonna make the episode HILARIOUS! Can’t wait to hear her voice!

    But I do hope Lea (Rachel) sings at least one song, preferably “everytime” or “not a girl.”

  • Virginia

    I want to see Sue Sylvester do a remake of the Toxic video or Baby One More Time, or Oops I Did It Again. Hell, Jane Lynch in any Britney Spears video would be great.