First Look: ‘Project Runway’ Season 8


Great news, Project Runway fans! A whole new season of the show is nearly upon us and not only do we have 90 min. weekly episodes to look forward … not only do we have the companion show On the Road with Austin & Santino to look forward to … BUT NOW we learn that Selma Blair will be featured on season 8 as one of the latest celeb judges to appear on the show:

When Project Runway returns with its new 90-minute show, Heidi Klum and company will welcome another celebrity guest judge. Actress Selma Blair will join the ranks of Eva Longoria Parker, Lindsay Lohan, Christina Aguilera, Nicole Richie and Faith Hill, who had the honor of guest judging last season’s finale. “We’ve been wanting to have Selma Blair on Project Runway for a while,” executive producer Jane Cha says. “She is so chic and has great individual style.” And Blair will help make a crucial decision for the show. With 17 designers, instead of the typical 16, the first challenge of season 8 will serve as the final part of the show’s audition process. Contestants will have five hours to design a garment, using a signature piece from a competitor’s luggage. “[Blair] ended up being a perfect guest judge for our first challenge — super knowledgeable about fashion and the show, because she’s a fan,” Cha continues. “She had some hilarious observations, including a comparison to Romy and Michelle shopping buddies!” Project Runway‘s new season kicks off July 29 at a new time (9 p.m. EST) on Lifetime.

I LOVE Selma Blair (not so much on the tragic US remake of the brilliant Aussie comedy Kath & Kim) and I think she will make a great addition to the show. I don’t know about you but I still really love Project Runway and I am really excited about the show’s return. I hadn’t even realized that the season 8 premiere is just around the corner. I’m telling you, I need some new TV to watch this Summer already … Project Runway will fit the bill nicely. After the jump, check out the first promo video to be released for PR 8

Okay, the promo is a bit stiff for me but I’m still very excited. I hope Lifetime will reveal the contestants soon. I need to make up my mind before the show even starts about who I love and who I hate ;) July 29 will be here in no time.

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  • Sara

    Looks like a Nip/Tuck promo about fashion!

  • debho

    I still love it too Trent! Although, we have just finished season 6 down here in Oz and won’t get the next season for ages. :(

  • erica

    Sara – I was totally thinking the same thing! Very nip/tuck! Love it!!

  • AJ

    Definitely agree about the nip/tuck aspect i was also getting a Dexter vibe, reminded me of the beginning title of the show seeing so many things zoomed in and slow motion. Cannot wait for PR to return! 90 minutes of glory goodnees :) and just side now.. Dexter needs to come back soon! lol

  • T Dot

    So glad it will be on at 9 pm now – hooray!!! 10 pm was cutting into my beauty sleep. ; )

  • Gus

    90 minutes? Who cares, I always TIVO and watch the beginning, cruise thru the petty stuff and watch the end.

  • Tommy

    The move to Lifetime ruined the show. Not only is it not carried in high defenition on Lifetime, as it was on Bravo, it is not nearly as good. Too bad, it was great on Bravo.

    • @Tommy — I totally disagree. I still really enjoy the show and cannot wait to see more. The eps are now 90 mins long which means more time for drama!

  • Paul

    @ Tommy – disagree as well. PR on Lifetime is in HD, at least on Dish Network. As far as I know, it never appeared in HD on Bravo (this is also the first, or second season for Life on the D-List in HD). 90 minutes is a bit long, but everything felt really rushed last season.

  • jamie

    I am impatient for the new season of PR, but they this ad just makes me think of a horror movie. Like Silence of the Lambs from Buffalo Bill’s point of view

  • JTS

    Total Dexter vibe.