Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgård Go Shopping In SoCal


Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgård, who have been quite the hot little item in the past few months, did a bit of shopping together this weekend … from picking up groceries at Gelson’s to perusing the luxury items at Burberry, Bosgård seems to be going very strong:

OY! These two … they make an adorably blonde couple, don’t they? I’m gonna guess that we’ll be hearing wedding bells from these two in no time … mark my words. I have a strong feeling that Bosgård are in it for the looong haul. Kate, you better get his man on lockdown … any guy who will go grocery shopping with you and then will take you to Burberry is a keeper!

[Photo credit: X17]

  • Cee

    Trent, I love PITNB but hate Kate Bosworth – she’s a terrible role model for young women. Please stop posting here, but keep AS posting to a maximum!

  • Katrin Sedai

    I think I just died a little inside. :( Askars should be mine… Life is unfair.

  • persephone

    yes life is so unfair.. my heart is crying now… i hate it.. damn you kate!

  • Josephine

    no one else get’s the feeling that she’s his beard?

  • Tracy

    Cee, why is she a terrible role model? She is GORGEOUS and talented. WTF?

  • Queenie

    I don’t know if she’s a terrible role model, but she’s quite malnourished. She needs to eat a cookie, or two…

  • Cee

    Drug habits, eating disorders, cheater. Take your pick. There’s a reason she only finds herself in Kevin Spacey films.

  • Devon

    I don’t think she’s a horrible role model, but she’s not someone I’d want my daughter to look up to. Bulimic, cokehead (rumoured), husband stealing, man eating, talentless and Try-hard clinger? Ok, that is bad but it’s not the worst Hollywood has to offer.

    As much as I want to like these two together, I just can’t. He can do so much better than this Try. She’s only relevant because of the men she’s linked to. Pathetic. If he’s happy then I suppose it’s ok, for the time being, but I’m rooting for this pair to be over by the end of the summer. Perhaps in Hawaii…*books my ticket to Hawaii*

  • Haley

    I am seriously jealous of KB. AS is so sexy! Yum.

  • Joyce

    Dayum. That’s one tall drink of water!