‘Project Runway’ Alums Santino Rice & Austin Scarlett Team Up For A New Show


Earlier this month we learned the news that former Project Runway contestants Santino Rice (who recently has been featured as a head judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race) and Austin Scarlett have teamed up for a new design show called On the Road with Austin & Santino which will debut on Lifetime in August and today we get our first look at the show. Here is one of the new promo photos from the show that has just been released and some deets about what we can expect from these two designers:

Two of Project Runway‘s most memorable contestants — Austin Scarlett and Santino Rice — are heading to a small town near you for a new show on Lifetime. On the Road with Austin & Santino, which premieres July 29 after Project Runway‘s season 8 premiere, will follow the duo as they “travel to and immerse themselves in the culture of small towns across America to create new, dream-come-true looks for special women in unique situations as they celebrate such life milestones as anniversaries, birthdays, balls, graduations and bachelorette parties,” the network says in a statement.

This series will be 14-eps long and should pair nicely with the new season of Project Runway (which, you may have heard, has been expanded from 60-minutes to 90-minutes). I have to say, these two designers are two of my faves from Project Runway and I think they’ll be fun to watch. I’m not really into the whole make-over thing but I’m willing to see what Austin and Santino come up with for the show. After the jump, check out two more promo photos from On the Road with Austin & Santino

LOL … these two. Yeah, I think this will be a fun show to watch. I’ll be tuning in for sure.

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  • Val 2.0

    But… Where’s Andre?

  • Angie

    @Val: YES. omg that actually made me laugh out loud…

  • Val 2.0

    Couldn’t help but think it. Perhaps he’s at the Red Lobster with Tim? ;)

  • debho

    lolol Val!

  • Juneh

    I love Santino :D

  • roxster

    hahah Val 2.0: “What happened to Andre? Andre…come back!” Looooove these two (and Santinos Andre song). Sounds like a great concept too, I’m sure it’ll get emotional and we’ll see Austin cry every episode when they give these women an outfit….can’t wait to see what they come up with!