Les News, 071010

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  • HA!

    cuz Joan Rivers is such better a person than Lindsay?! whatever… they’re both equally ridiculous.

    p.s.: kudos to Sam for reacting… pretty cool.

  • Jim

    Some of the PETA members who go to the extreme’s is in fact terrorism. Keep in mind though, terrorism by definition has a broad and vague definition.

  • Dear Kelis: With all the fabulous faux alternatives available, there’s no reason to wear any part of an animal corpse. P.S The only act of “terrorism” I can see here was you releasing your latest album/music video to the public. My ears and eyes are still bleeding.

  • Isabella

    Hey Trent, I don’t know if its just me or what, but the black background that normally blocks the text is MIA, and its really really hard to read the text on the pink stripes. FYI!

    • @Isabella — Do a hard browser refresh to reload the site:

      on a PC: press CTRL + ALT + R
      on a Mac: press FN + Command + R

      that should fix the problem and make the black background show up properly