Cristiano Ronaldo Dines With Lance Bass In NYC


Cristiano Ronaldo, who revealed to the world last weekend that he is a new father, has been spending this week WITHOUT his newborn baby in NYC enjoying a relaxing holiday with friends (while wearing as little clothing as possible). It turns out that his circle of friends includes *NSync boy bander Lance Bass whom Cristiano supped with in Tribeca last night:

Now, I’m unsure if these two BFFs are old friends or are just starting up a new bromance together but I’m guessing that if they weren’t previously acquainted, it only took one look at those photos of Cristiano in his teeny bathing suit to inspire Lance to reach out to him in friendship. Now that Cristiano is a daddy, I’m thinkin’ that he might seem even more attractive to the right kind of person … who might be into daddies ;) I sure hope we get to see more photos of Cris and Lance hanging out together in NYC … maybe poolside? Please?

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Roze

    Why doesn’t he ever stay home with the baby?

    • @Roze — That is a very good question.

  • Anita

    Get it Lance!

  • TT

    because Ronaldo wants to make a point of being straight / being seen with his “girlfriend”?

  • gunnarjet

    ..i have one thing to say : “gay”

  • any

    He is not gay and you can just dream he is.

    The best looking man ever, I love him and great football player too.

  • Lance

    I would ask him if he is gay but then I would have to get up off his face.

  • His face is looking like he sayin..”Do I know you”?
    Lance to too much of a famewhore for him….

  • Sue

    And Lance Bass has publicly declared that he is gay. Go figure..

  • Kattmow

    He does look very gay.

    • @Kattmow — I’m just wondering, what does “very gay” look like?

  • Kattmow

    @ Trent, to me he looks very happy.

  • any

    He doesn’t even look at this gay lence guy (who ever he is, I heard about him for the first time),
    just standing next to someone doesn’t mean you even know that person, he should sue you assholes for those hate mean, montaged articles.
    And CR doesn’t look gay at all, how georgious this world would be if there are more man like Cristiano

    • @any — Um, what?

  • cleo

    This looks like they just run into each other in a bar or restaurant & cristiano half-recognizes lance. This implies zero friendship whatsoever. This is so tabloid reporting.

    • @cleo — Why is it “tabloid reporting” to suggest that they may be friends? I clearly wrote that I did not know if they were new or old friends.

  • Kattmow

    Jesus why do people get so effing upity over celebs for? He’s just a over paid sports man, it’s not like he’s found the cure for cancer or somthing.

  • Irma

    wait, so if you’re really happy then you’re gay?? news to me!

    • @Irma — LOL. Yes actually, the original meaning of the word “gay” means happy: gay /geɪ/ adjective, -er, -est, noun, adverb
      1. having or showing a merry, lively mood

  • tina

    Ronaldo is definitely gay

    He used a surrogate (if the whole baby thing is even true)
    He loves ricky martin, he paints his toenails,….

    yep he is def gay.

  • Gaelan

    According to the report I read, the two were seen having dinner together; which, would suggest that they’re friends. Does it really matter anyway? I also heard a rumour that straight people and gay people can be friends with one another without ever sleeping together. I know, sounds crazy but there you go! Note the sarcasm!

  • magi

    cristiano ronaldo esta bien guapisimoooo.pero no nos agamos luego se be k es gay o k tiene tenden cias femeninas.aun este guapisimo lastima k sea gay y si no lo a dicho es pork es una figura publica muy conocida,y vende mucho gay nadien lo compraria,lastima de man is hermoso. yo lo apoyo solo necesita decidirse y decir si soy y happy.

  • Isabel from Hell

    I think he is not gay … Look at that oily skin! It’s disgusting.

  • calussurf

    Ok don’t play the smart one by saying “they don’t look like friends” it doesn’t matter if he is lance bass friend or not… The thing is he’s at a GAY BAR … When he should be at HOME with wife and baby. Just that easy!

  • Derk

    C Ronaldo has horrible taste, he doesn’t dress well enough to be gay. Plus he constantly frequents prostitutes. Or maybe he’s bi, why is that never an option?

    Anyways obviously Lance Bass/other gay people have straight friends and acquaintances too…

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  • i think you eat shit in massive quantities if you think the guy is anywhere gay…

    i is although a poor man with loads of money all of the sudden and is getting blinded by lights…

  • caron

    Why dont you people put yourselves on his shoes and think for one minute and use your own brain instead of copying others. This guy is world known person, the press or the public just decide on their own that he is gay and the world follow. How backwards is that?? We all know how the press lie about celebs and make up stories in order to make money from people like you. I for one do not believe anything they write because I know that he is not. The have been trying to bring him down for some reason and this is very hurtfull for him to read all these rumours about him and he cannot defend himself . Thats why he sues everyone from the press that write rubbish about him because they have damaged his reputation.I for one dont like rumours of any kind, I only beleive whe I see it because people have destroyed others because they are followers instead of leaders.GROW UP ALL OF YOU