Robert Pattinson Films Scenes With A Dog For His New Movie


When last we saw Robert Pattinson he had skipped out on the London premiere of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse because he was bizzy lookin’ about as slick as can be in a stylish tuxedo on the SoCal set of his new film Water for Elephants. Today we get to see a couple new photos of Rob on set but this time he’s back in his scruffier-looking costume filming new scenes with a really adorable co-star:

So I guess, while Rob is running around getting water for elephants, he has to do so with cute pet pooch in tow? Those of you who have read the book might recognize the scene that Rob is filming … I’ve not read the book so I have no idea. Robbie and the pooch look awfully cute together, tho it really looks like Rob is doing more hard work than the doggie is ;)

[Photo credit: X17]

  • ashley

    The dog’s name is Queenie in the book, and he’s just as cute as I imagined him to be! Love!

  • Alexandria

    Yay. Jack Russell Terrier ftw!

  • DD

    Let me just say that the book is AMAAAZING!! They better not eff it up on the big screen!

  • Doo

    I can’t wait to see this movie and I hope they don’t ruin it! Btw Trent are you planning on reading this book?

    • @Doo — Perhaps, I’ve heard too many good things. I may download it to my Kindle to have on hand for Summer reading.

  • Lauren

    @Trent it’s an easy read, not what you would expect.. I’m curious to know how they adapt it. Incredible story and the book is well written. Thanks for the rpatz update T :) :)

  • Nicole

    I really liked the book & highly recommend that everyone read it!

  • newsgrrl

    I’m with everyone else…. I hope they do the book justice.