Cristiano Ronaldo Hits The Pool In Steamy NYC


Yesterday we learned that professional soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo made his way to NYC just days after he announced to the world that he is a new father to a child born of a surrogate mother. Today we get to see what Cristiano has been getting up to during his stay in NYC. Actually, we get to see what he’s stripped down to … here are a few photos of Cristiano cooling down in the roof pool of SoHo House:

Despite the fact that Cristiano is the new celebrity spokesman for Emporio Armani, he stripped down to his teeny Gucci bathing suit for this poolside outing. I mean, I don’t mind what teeny bathing suit he likes to wear … I just think the folks at Armani who pay him millions to promote their clothes might mind a little bit. I find it a bit odd that this proud new father is spending so much time in NYC away from his newborn child who is reportedly back at his home in Portugal. I would think that since he allegedly wanted to become a father so desperately that he paid off a surrogate so that he could have sole custody that he would, oh I dunno, want to be with the child. There are rumors going around that he paid about $20 million in order to get sole custody of the child AND for the mother to keep quiet … for that amount of money, I’d think I’d rather be with my investment child rather than hanging out in NYC. Again, I really have no cause for complaints where these photos are concerned … he does look good all wet and mostly nekkid. I just find his behavior as a new father extremely odd … yet hawt.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • B

    AACK! I can’t read any of these posts because the background stays pink and the lettering doesn’t show up!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    One swimsuit looks grey and one looks black…HMMM!!! I want to wear one of those thou…too bad I am obsessed with Mexican food!

  • nicole

    i think im the only person who doesnt find him hot.
    @B – that happens to me sometimes too. try refreshing the page. that usually works for me.

  • Krissy

    Nicole you are not alone. I think his body is super hot…but his sticky hair and over done tan are not my thing. That really ruins it! He looks great in his bathing suit, though. Maybe I could just put a bag over his head…

  • lady surgeon

    oh my thank god for external obliques!

  • krissy

    His behavor is puzzling and confusing. why is not with his baby? I’m starting to belive this is all one big publicity stunt.

  • jo

    spanish news are reporting that he may have pulled a ricky martin (on the baby thing).

    however, i agree with nicole… great body but thats it! haha

  • Ridel

    Have any one of you idiot’s calling him gay ever thought that maybe he didn’t use a surrogate and might have gotten a random little slut preggz? I mean… this was extremely sudden and no one has even confirmed he used a surrogate, plus he is well known for having one night escapades with women and NOT using protection.


  • Lala

    Ass likey likey!!!

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  • Whats the big deal about him? I dont get it