Mariqueen Maandig Reznor Confirms Pregnancy To ‘Women’s Wear Daily’


Mariqueen Maandig Reznor, beautiful wife of and new musical collaborator with Trent Reznor, has confirmed officially to Women’s Wear Daily that she and TR are expecting their first child! Q talks to WWD a bit about her pregnancy, her love of fashion and the new self-titled EP from How to Destroy Angels (her new band project with TR) which is released in stores today. Here is a photo of the lovely Mrs. Rez along with some excerpts from her new interview:

Mariqueen Maandig, the 29-year-old singer of How to Destroy Angels, prefers to maintain a little anonymity. It’s hardly surprising considering she’s married to rock’s extraordinarily private Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. “I like to stay in a shroud of mystery,” Maandig says. “I tell people [Trent and I] met at a Mensa meeting, because we met under such unusual circumstances,” she continues, declining to elaborate. Maandig even tried to keep her pregnancy under wraps. “There have been requests for photo shoots with these recent interviews, and I needed a good reason to decline,” she says. But now there’s a good reason for the public to know her business. She — along with Reznor, 45, and his longtime collaborator Atticus Ross, 42 — are set to release How to Destroy Angels’ self-titled debut EP today. Known as Q to her friends, Maandig was born in the Philippines but grew up in Orange County. She always knew she wanted to be in show business but wasn’t sure which part of it appealed to her most. “For a brief period in my youth I really wanted to do Broadway,” she says. “But after being in one school musical I realized I wasn’t into [it] as much as I thought, so that dream died.” She continued to sing in her school choir. “Then I got into ‘Miss Saigon,’ which sparked my interest in singing [professionally],” Maandig says. (For the record, her fandom of Nine Inch Nails extended as follows: “I had a couple of his albums but never went to any of his shows or bought any T-shirts.”) But Maandig was also “really into fashion.” So following high school she majored in merchandise marketing at Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandise in Orange County. After becoming “uninspired,” she dropped out. “My friend saw that I was really unhappy and asked me what my skills were, and I told her that I can sing,” she recalls. That friend subsequently introduced Maandig to the bass player of psychedelic indie-rock L.A. band West Indian Girl … Then she met Reznor (though she’s not saying how) and they became engaged in spring 2009. By summer she had left West Indian Girl to pursue her own career. She joined Reznor on his “Wave Goodbye” tour and married him in October. Soon they started experimenting with their own music. With Maandig on vocals and synthesizer and Reznor producing the majority of instrumentals with Ross, the trio put together a six-song EP that Maandig describes as more feminine and subtler than Reznor’s unambiguously hard sound … Plans for a full-length follow-up are on hold due to Maandig’s pregnancy, but the band hopes for it in early 2011. Reznor and Ross are also working on a film soundtrack, the name of which they naturally won’t disclose. But right now, the biggest project on Maandig’s mind is a baby name: “I have a list, it’s so hard. It’s like here’s a brand-new life and you’re in charge of it, now go!”

Firstly, MUCH LOVE and CONGRATS to the happy couple on the news of the forthcoming Baby Reznor!! I am quite confident that the couple are elated beyond words. Second, altho How to Destroy Angels already released their debut EP for free online, I know fans will want to rush out to buy the physical copy today as well … so get out there and buy those EPs. As you may recall, Trent Reznor announced last week that he is scoring the upcoming soundtrack to the new David Fincher film The Social Network (due out later this year) so … the Reznors have got A LOT going on. Let’s send them all our love and congrats today. Isn’t this just the best news … I couldn’t be happier for the expanding family :D


  • jus

    that is going to be one gorgeous, talented child. CONGRATS!

  • Jenn

    wow! I can’t picture him as a dad!

  • Jenn

    Guess he’ll get to use the NIN Rockababy Album…

  • Bretta

    rofl they met on twitter, i think its hilarious that she wont admit that

  • Comment to buttpirate

    Why don’t you troll somewhere else douchebag?

    Trent is more of a man than you will ever be – considering your comments – I am sure any. Activity with him would be better than a hundred
    nights with a fucking loser like you

    • John

      Hes not being a douchebagg or a troll, it is a fact they first met through twitter and went on a date. You would have known this if you followed him back then before he deleted his twitter and then came back on twitter. Its not something to be ashamed of, and that’s why “bretta” pointed that out.

  • phalexx

    AWESOME! I’m so happy for the Rez and his new Mrs.!!!

  • Roony

    I think this is just such happy, wonderful news, and Q sounds absolutely thrilled (I’m sure Trent is, as well). That will be a really gorgeous child, I cannot wait to hear what name they decide on! I absolutely hate that some people have tried to lessen this amazing time in Q & T’s lives with the negativity and nastiness that a lot of us are reading out there. Congrats to them!

  • Ari

    John Lennon and Yoko Ono already did it and Sean Lennon is no god. People always say that and the spawn never lives up to the image. Next story…