‘Gossip Girl’ Begins Filming Season 4 In Paris, France


Spotted … Blake Lively and Leighton Meeter in Paris, France filming scenes for the upcoming 4th season of the hit CW TV series Gossip Girl. As you GG fans may recall, last season ended with Blake and Leighton’s characters Serena and Blair packing their bags for an upcoming trip to spend the Summer in Paris together. This week, production of the series starts up as the ladies get to work on season 4:

Yes, while some are enjoying Summer vacations both here and abroad, the GG cast is already hard at work on the next season of their show. Tho, I have to say … filming in the beautiful city of Paris doesn’t seem like that much hard work to me ;) I doesn’t seem like that long ago that Gossip Girl season 3 was still on the air … now they’re filming the new season and new eps of the show will be back on the air in no time. Blah! It seems like the Summer just goes faster and faster with each passing year. I’m certain we’ll be seeing more of the Gossip gang in Paris in the coming weeks. Oh la la.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • The season 3 finale was great so I’m looking forward to the new season. XOXO haha

  • nicole

    i cant wait for all these shows to come back. ugh..ive turned into a tv junkie lol

  • Madsme

    Can’t figure out if that guy is Ed Westwick or not. If so, Blair looks mighty happy with him considering how the last season ended.

    • @Madsme — The guy is not Ed Westwick, I’ve yet to see photos of the GG guys in Paris.

  • nicole

    Ed shouldnt show up in paris..not with the way last season ended. non of the GG guys should be there.

  • nicole


  • Madsme

    Argh. Here’s hoping that they resolve that twist soon. I want Blair and Chuck back together asap! I’m such a predictable romantic :)

  • Anna Bliss

    Chuck got shot in the last and final scene of GG Season 3…. Because he refused to give up Blair’s Engagement Ring… when Slut Little J lost the big V to Cuck… grrrr sooooooo Glad her character is GONEEEE…. ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DIE for that outfit goddess Serena is wearing in those pics, ya? LOVE!!!! I mean, LOVE!

  • nicole

    @Anna – her character is only gone until her touring is done…so dont get too excited lol.

  • @nicole… one can only hope!!!! lol…. Is it sad that I am 23 and love a show called Gossip Girl? I always have to justify that the show is so much more than the name ;-)

  • Talia

    I live in Paris and went in all the right spots at all the wrong times to spot Gossip Girl. Finally caught Blake as she was returning to the Ritz. Ed Westwick has been filming in Paris today for Gossip Girl, but not with Blake or Leighton…with a French actress named Clémence Poesy!

  • OMG I can’t wait for new episodes. While looking forward to new I am watching episodes 1 -3. I want Serena and Dan back together! Am I desperate? LOL

  • Jellybeann♥

    i went to paris for vaca and saw blake livelyy<3