Kylie Minogue Celebrates Madrid Pride

Also becomes a part-time weather girl

Despite the fact that June, which is Gay Pride Month, is over the party won’t stop for Pride celebrations all around the world … like, for example, in Madrid, Spain this weekend where Kylie Minogue was the headline performer at the Orgullo Gay Parade:

Pink reader Rina was at the Madrid Pride celebration last night and sends in a few photos of Kylie that she snapped herself:

Much love to Rina for taking the time to send in her pics, I love them. It sounds like Madrid threw a fabulous party last night, I wish I could’ve been there!

Before Kylie made her way to Spain yesterday, she made an appearance on GMTV in England to play weather girl for a quick minute:

After the jump, check out video of Kylie‘s turn as a weather girl to see if she’s got what it takes to make it in the biz …

OK … so mebbe Kylie shouldn’t quit her day job. Nonetheless, she looks so cute in this video ;)

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source, thanks Rina]

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  1. Jim Cruise

    Love everything about her. She was so hilariously out of place, but cute as always.

  2. Jim Cruise

    Oops…I was referring to the weather girl video. As for the white Aphrodite dress at Madrid Pride…..HOT.

  3. vic

    Love her <3

  4. cleo

    That dress she wore at Pride is DIVINE!!! It seems she is channeling Cleopatra there, adding to the Aphrodite/Ancient Goddess vibe.
    Oh Kylie!

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