Anderson Cooper & Benjamin Maisani Go For A Bike Ride Together


Yesterday we got to see a couple photos of rumored partners Anderson Cooper and Benjamin Maisani making their exit from the David Barton Gym in NYC, NY Friday afternoon and today we get to see a couple more photos of the pair shortly after they finished their gym date. Andy and Ben hopped on a pair of matching mountain bikes and peddled their way home thru the West Village together … behold:

Whether these two are an actual couple or merely a couple of friends, they make a really great pair … don’tcha think? It’s very obvious that both Anderson and Benjamin have been working considerably hard on pumping up their arm muscles becuase … MMM … look at those bulging biceps. While I am still not on board with the jorts that Ben is rockin’, I suppose I can forgive him the style faux pas this time around. HMMM … I wonder where these two biked off to together. Even better, I wonder what they got up to once they reached their destination. Any guesses?



    EW! That website is so gross. : ( Anyways, I love jorts! I think it depends on the person wearing them… It’s pretty much in this summer and, you may laugh at me or think I’m wrong, but I think plaid shorts are out because everyone wears them and they are just…blargh.

  • ron

    “jorts” are a hipster/urban staple. i’m sure it’s hard for someone who’s non-style saavy to comprehend. no mean to attack you :)

    • @ron — LOL! Ok.

  • Toby

    I am so happy that Anderson, finally, decided to come out!! He is so handsome….so intelligent, that I am sure this took a lot for him to do. Especially with his connection with CNN, who by the way are not in anyway controversial about him being gay, but because of the interviews he does, and his ‘keeping them honest’ program.
    I am so happy for you Anderson.
    A weight has been lifted from your shoulders…..let us take that weight from you.