Anderson Cooper & Benjamin Maisani Go To ‘Gay Church’ Together


Anderson Cooper and his rumored boyfriend Benjamin Maisani were spotted making their exit together from David Barton Gym in NYC, NY yesterday which is just the latest sighting to fan the flames of their rumored romance. Here are a couple photos of the guys leaving the gym together … do they look coupley to you?

Now, just because a couple of dudes are spotted at the gym together doesn’t necessarily mean that they are together together … but the gym is widely held as the “gay church” and, well, I suppose it can be viewed as suspect that Andy and Ben are together together. In the end, it really doesn’t matter if the guys are involved or not … but it would be really fantastic if Anderson Cooper were to come out (should he have anything to come out about). As you may recall, The National Enquirer reported earlier this year that Anderson and Benjamin were planning to adopt a Haitian baby together. Of course that story was merely a fabrication but, again, I would really love it if it were true. I’m not sure I love the cutoff shorts that Benjamin is wearing in these photos … perhaps it’s a nod to the Twilight werewolves? If that were the case then I think it would be very safe to assume that the rumors about these guys are true ;) Whatever is really going on between these two … let’s say, friends … they sure do look like a hot couple, wouldn’t you say?

[Photo credit: Splash News]


    He should just come out already! I mean, not everyone has to come out, but yeah. His show is already in the crapper and has poor ratings so if he came out it’s not like it’s going to hurt him or anything. In fact, it might even do the opposite. ; )

  • God what I wouldn’t do to be a fly on their bedroom wall lol, and don’t hate Trent – he makes the jean shorts work, his legs are AMAZING.

  • Manda

    I actually respect him for not coming out! It’s no ones business but his own. He’s such a hottie!

  • Brenna

    Coming out is a personal decision. For someone who has a high profile job dependent upon public perception for credibility and ratings, it can affect a career too.

    For many celebs who publicly come out, despite being out privately, it often turns into the story. As someone who reports the news and discusses the news, I can see why AC wouldn’t want to make himself the news.

    I have never thought a gay person owes it to anyone to come out. It is an individual decision and must be respected.

    I find the fact that someone stood outside trying to catch him living his life to be pretty sad.

    I normally don’t comment on this sort of story but the look on his face made me feel sorry for him.

  • “Gay Church” ? – I’ve never heard this before but I fucking love it

  • Leslie

    Sometimes I think coming out is just a formality. We already know half/most of the time. Someday NO ONE will need to come out because it won’t matter :)

  • Evan O’Shea

    anderson cooper is a liberal puke but i do resect him for being a part of the LGBT community = )