Robert Pattinson Skips UK ‘Eclipse’ Premiere, Rocks A Tuxedo In LA


Robert Pattinson angered British Twilight fans by not appearing at the London premiere of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse last night because he was bizzy with work commitments to his new film Water for Elephants. While British Twihards were seething in London, R. Pattz was preening in a slick tuxedo on set … behold:

As thousands of ‘Twi-hards’ descended on London’s Leicester Square last night for the UK premiere of Twilight Saga: Eclipse, there were several big names conspicuously absent. The film franchise’s main actors Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner… and perhaps the most controversial absentee of all, Robert Pattinson, were all missing from the red carpet. Despite being the ensemble cast’s only Londoner, the 24-year-old was unable to leave the Los Angeles set of Water For Elephants. So while disappointed Pattinson fans had to contend themselves with other Twilight eye candy Kellan Lutz and Alex Meraz, the actor himself was thousands of miles away making his new movie. In contrast to his pasty, big-haired vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight films, the actor was looked dapper in a Twenties-style suit with his shorter haircut swept to the side. Also on location in downtown LA was his co-star Reece Witherspoon, who was dressed to the nine in a red dress and a curly blonde bob. So while Pattinson was working, his lesser-known Twilight co-stars Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed were holding the fort in London. While Pattinson’s absence from the UK premiere has been public knowledge for several weeks, some fans expressed their disappointment over his no-show through T-shirts and signs. Some fans queuing all day ahead of Thursday’s premiere made their feelings clear with T-shirts reading ‘Robbed’ at the prospect of not seeing their idol in person.

Well, at least Rob had a good excuse for not making the premiere … I dunno where Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner were. This strikes me as a HUGE misstep considering how many Twilight fans there are in the UK. To be honest, they prolly figured the hardcore fans would still come out in droves to support the film regardless of the fact that none of the main actors showed up for the premiere. Ah well … such is life. I’m very confident that Eclipse will still do VERY well in theaters around the world this weekend … even if the British fans felt they were “Robbed” at the premiere.


  • jen

    He looks so handsome!

  • nicole

    i love this hair on him sooooo much more then the “twilight” hair.
    and its always nice to see him dressed up :)

  • Bren

    Wow. I can’t believe they would be so dismissive of the UK fans. Stewart and Lautner should have been there!

  • canaussiegirl

    Kristen and Taylor went all through Europe, Australia and Asia…… they are probably exhausted.

    This was also known well in advance, so if people went down there expecting any of them to be there, they are kinda ridiculous.

    And finally, Kellan and Ashley have to start earning their 1.5 mil per movie. Cause lord knows Kellan is not going to win it in the acting department.

  • amy

    Lautner is in Pittsburgh filming a new movie, Abduction. I’m not a Twihard, but this city and it’s cougars are falling apart because he is here ;-) Personally, I’m much more excited for Katie Heigl coming to film One for the Money.

  • Kattmow

    He’s pretty :)
    and Trent I dunno if it’s ment to be like it, but you missed a ‘N’ off his last name

  • Kendra

    I’m sure the English fans aren’t happy with his statement about supporting the US team anyways! They probably would have pelted him with bangers and mash!

  • Does anyone else think that he looks like Ed Westwick in these pictures?

  • Cleo

    Antonia, that’s the first thing that came to mind!