Michael Jackson Inspires Odd New Artwork


Remember last September when we got to see a fun painting, created by artist Dan Lacey, that featured President Barack Obama nude astride a unicorn? Well, it turns out that Lacey has turned his artful eye on another pop culture giant … the late King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson:

While the Obama piece was odd yet fun, these MJ paintings strike me as more odd and controversial. It appears that the image above features MJ in a Christlike pose but instead of wearing a crown of thorns, he is wearing a crown of pills. There are other paintings created by Lacey that feature MJ in other … odd (possibly NSFW) poses. Check ‘em out after the jump …

This first painting here seems to show MJ reaching up towards the hand of God while the shackles of his fame bust free. The second photo, of a nude MJ covering his genitals with his gloved hand, seems pretty self-explanatory. I’m not sure what the painting of a young Michael posing with rapper Tupac Shakur is meant to convey … and I find the last painting, of the pre-surgery MJ from the 80’s, being released from the dead body of the post-surgery MJ of the 00’s into the arms of Jesus Christ (who is wearing a sparkly glove) quite … interesting. Good art is meant to affect the viewer … so what do ya’ll think? Is this good art?

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • rachel

    the naked painting and the tupac painting are bizarre. but i like the rest.

  • nicole

    the one with Pac made me laugh..but i like the one with his hand reaching up…and the last one.

  • Shane

    Although I have never been a big MJ fan, I do like the one of him “ascending” to heaven with Jesus.

  • Janelle

    I wonder if he depicted him with Tupac because of the state of their death – muder? Maybe the artist idolized them both.

  • James

    I think they’re all creepy beyond reason but Michael seriously encouraged it. It’s a shame that he had spent most of his life in the spotlight but yet he was completely unable to deal with the fame and frequently complained about the attention, while at the same time energetically encouraging it. I don’t think he ever matured from a boy into a man and I think that his parents and the people who were his closest associates at the time of his death, are themselves responsible for what happened to him. He obviously had no clue about how to live a happy life. The paintings are reflective of the fantasy child-life that he tried to live in and it’s almost ugly.

  • Dan Lacey

    I appreciate the posts, Faith, and the thoughtful comments.

    The MJ/Tupac painting mimics the moment in the Martin Bashir documentary when Gavin Arvizo lays his head on Michael Jackson’s shoulder.

  • Amanda

    I think the crown is supposed to be rhinestones not pills

  • Ju

    I think the pills/rhinestones look like white blood cells…

  • Aislin

    I find the last one incredibly touching and couldn’t think of anything more fitting

  • SoCalGal

    I wouldn’t call the art “odd” or “bizarre” but merely lacking in artistic skill. None of this is “good” art; it’s amateur art created by, in most cases, Jackson’s admirers. Despite its amateur quality, they’re a testament to the love and admiration Jackson inspired in every corner of the world. To people like James I would say, “You never met the man; you have nothing on which to base your impressions of Jackson’s level of comfort and happiness but the drivel and, in many cases, outright lies served up by the media. It’s probably better that you simply shut up.”