Chace Crawford Goes To Court, Gets Formally Charged


In early June, we learned the surprising news that Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford was arrested in Texas on charges of misdemeanor marijuana possession after a rolled joint cigarette was allegedly found in his car. Just about a week later, Chace was officially charged with the crime but Texas law insists that the accused stand in front of the judge in order to be formally charged. When last we saw Chace out and about, he was in London doing his best to forget his troubles but today we learn that Chace made his way back to Texas in order to be formally charged for his crime:

“Gossip Girl” star Chace Crawford rolled into a McKinney, Texas courthouse just moments ago — where a judge will formally charge the actor for allegedly having an unlit joint in a car he was sitting in. Chace was technically charged earlier this month — but Texas law requires the actor to appear in court so the judge can make it official. Chace is facing one misdemeanor count of weed possession. TMZ broke the story — Chace was busted in a Plano, TX parking lot after cops claim they found one unlit joint in the car he was in with a friend. If convicted, Chace could face up to 6 months behind bars.

I’m telling you, Texas is not kidding around when it comes to law enforcement. They are quite serious when it comes to prosecuting crimes, especially drug cases so I’m not sure that Chace should be rolling into court lookin’ all smug and smiley. Still, celebs have an uncanny way of wiggling off the hook when they get into trubs. I cannot imagine that Chace will actually spend any time in jail for this alleged infraction but, again, we’re talking about Texas here. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Any Texans in the hiz? Do any of y’all think that Chace will fry for his alleged crime?


  • TX Transplant

    I’m originally from NY and have been in TX for 8 years now and while a normally law abiding citizen I have gotten into a few legal snafus here that would not be an issue in NY…like jay walking?!?! Where on earth would you get a ticket for jay walking but TX

    • @TX Transplant — Actually, funny that you say that … a couple of friends of mine got tickets for jaywalking here in LA last night. It’s kinda nuts but considering how many pedestrians are hit and sometimes killed when they don’t cross streets in crosswalks, I understand why they ticket for jaywalking now.

  • gunnarjet

    …. they should spend the money on cleaning up the oil-mess in the golf, instead wasting money on a not even smoked joint… CRAZY WORLD

    • sharon – I LOVE the pic’s, epeicsally since i never get to texas to see my nieces..It’s great to see them both with smiles on there faces..My favorite is the 3 girls together…

  • Laure75

    Trial for an unsmoked joint ???? wow… This is so beyond ridiculous I’m sure that’s why he couldn’t help but laugh all the way into the courthouse… And to call this a “drug case” ?? please…

  • DJ Vegas

    @ Trent – Not to mention the state is broke and is generating funds anyway it can. Mind your p’s and q’s. ;)
    Texas sounds more and more like hell on earth each day. Fo Realz!

  • fwah77

    I was born, raised and currently live in TX. I can say that it will probably all depend on how much publicity this gets. If media gets too deep then the judge will have to show thier balls but I don’t think that Chace is gonna serve any time. Probably some awareness class and fines.

  • Sara

    I live in Texas and I no they don’t mess around, but I doubt he’ll serve jail time although, they just might want to make an example of him.

  • Irma

    I’m not from Plano but I know it’s the epitome of suburban living so I’m sure they’re super strict there because of parental pressure. or they just want to make an example of him like others have said. but I swear, Texas isn’t bad!! I’ve lived here all my life and there really are some great places, like Austin or south Texas where we’re free of crazy ass conservatives.

  • Amanda

    As a native Texan who was (ashamedly) too familiar with the legal system in my teenaged years, I’m not so sure Chace won’t serve some time. In NY or CA I’d agree that he’d walk, but TX is – as has already been pointed out – VERY hardcore about law-enforcement, especially drugs. Also, though he is famous it’s for playing a bit of a prat on night time soap opera. I can’t imagine that earning many brownie points with the ‘good ol’ boy’ dominated TX judicial system. Were he a country music singer or football player he’d be much safer. And the fact that the joint he had was unsmoked might actually make his situation a little more precarious since the prosecution could argue that he intended to sell the pot, which is a far more serious crime. However as again someone already said TX is BROKE! If he offers enough money the whole thing may be swept under the rug. Time will tell, I guess.

  • PixiesBassline

    I just want everyone to realize that while the laws of Texas reach allover the state, the state is not the same allover.
    (Meaning that the people and their mentalities are different, depending on which area you’re in.)
    If this had taken place somewhere else in TX, he might not have gotten in trouble at all.
    If you think TX is harsh, then stay away from Louisiana!!!!
    You have better luck getting off for murder or molestation than for possession of weeds or a pipe.
    Cigarette papers are “paraphernalia” in Louisiana. *eye roll*

  • Leah

    I’m from Texas and used to live in McKinney and while I myself am a stranger to drug arrests, my younger sister has had several, um, let’s say issues, and so far has managed to evade jail time. I’m sure a well-allocated political donation would help his case a little too.

  • Jessy

    (From Texas) I doubt he will actually serve time but will most likely get a large fine and probation for this offense. It may not be so bad in other areas of Texas but the Plano area has had issues with drug abuse, especially among young people and they tend to crack down on minor offenses more than other regions of Texas. And I agree with Irma, not all of Texas is bad. Austin is great and anything south of San Antonio is like a different state altogether.