‘Paranormal Activity 2’ Releases A First Movie Trailer


Last year Paramount Pictures released a horror film called Paranormal Activity that pretty much scared the shizz out of everyone in very much the same way that The Blair Witch Project did about 10 years ago. Late last night, the trailer for Paranormal Activity 2 made its debut on the Internets and, if you can believe it, looks even scarier than the original film was:

Paranormal was so good that I decided to make it my #2 fave movie of 2009. Based on this first trailer for the sequel, I think there’s a very good chance that Paranormal Activity 2 will entertain/scare the hell out of me much like the original film did. Dude, there’s a baby in this new film. Check out the new trailer in full, after the jump …

OMG, scary right? Now … watch it again and notice that the baby disappears from the crib in the scene where the woman shows up in the doorway. Also, there is a message written on the mirror upside down that reads “What happened to Hunter?”. If you can’t read the message in this video embed, try watching the larger size at the official website HERE. It’s freaky … and I think gonna be a great follow up film. What do y’all think?


  • llivetofear

    Who would forget last year’s scariest movie, The Paranormal. Got to say I had several sleep nights after seeing it and I guess I will have more of them coming. The Paranormal 2 is even scarier that its first installment, well at least with what I’ve seen on the trailer. never turn your lights off, wink!

  • Rawa

    The baby is missing, but you can see his reflection in the mirror!!!! =O

  • Kara

    CANNOT wait!!!! From start to finish of that trailer, my hair was standing on edge!!!! (Probably because a dog & baby were involved.) ;) I hope this one blows the original away. ;)

  • Christie


  • Lauren

    OMFG, how come the baby is missing but it’s reflection is in the mirror????? So creepy!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    It looks soooooo good!!!!

  • if u see closely in the mirror the chair starts to move…by its self =O

  • Lauri

    I had to go upstairs, turn the lights on, and sit with my back against a wall (So nothing could creep behind me) to watch this hah. Stoked!

  • david

    I also think the voice at the end says “who’s next” and “hunter”

    crazy creepy.

  • brady james

    omfg thsi looks awesome!!!! i freak every time i see the original i still havent watched it alone…. this one is gonna be amazing!!!!!!!!!

  • Kara

    Oh, I forgot to add!! When I first saw Paranormal Activity, afterward I didn’t think I was too affected by it, but to THIS DAY, when I’m in my bed trying to sleep in the dark, I think about my leg being pulled & dragged down the hallway. Creepy. O_O ;)

  • Maria

    As long as they don’t have anyone as annoying as the boyfriend in the first one. I can’t be the only one who COULD NOT wait for him to bite it??

  • JeN

    lol@Maria..honestly the first one did not scare me. I actually find wonder womans new costume to be scarier.


    No offense, but… the first movie was entirely ridiculous and not even scary. I don’t even know why people thought it was so scary to be honest. On the other hand, I thought it was HILARIOUS and I was also bored too. So, so lame.

    • @CHASE — Oh, Chase …

  • Courtney

    seeing the baby go missing absolutely terrifies me….I really loved the first movie and I hope nothing too weird happens to the dog or the kid!

  • yadira


    • @yadira — OH, YADIRA …

  • DJ Vegas

    @Chase – I’m with you. I guess it just takes more to scare you and I. Oh well. I found the first movie to be so cliche’ and uneventfull.

    • @DJ Vegas — Haters gonna hate.

  • DJ Vegas

    @ Sherry – ” Oh Sherry Our love Holds On, Holds on” ;) Sorry Trent I had to.

  • Kattmow

    @ chase , agreed it was a utter waste of time,complete shit.

  • Brocky

    Trent you are the man for sharing this! I cannot wait to watch this!!

  • Kendra

    AHHHH!! GOOSEBUMPS!! I watched the first movie with my 13 year old and made him sleep in my bed that night (It’s a CA King so it’s not wierd!!)..I was so freaked out! This looks good, but I hope nothing crazy happens with the baby or dog..I don’t do so well with that kind of stuff..Otherwise..EEK!!

    @Maria – You’re not the only one..I hated the boyfriend.. :)

  • Bea

    I’m going to order the first movie on Netflix right now!

  • kelly y0

    i am so into things like this, but the with all the hype from the first being “the scariest move of the year”….i was seriously let down when i watched it… I was bored through out the movie except at the exciting parts which were few and far between. now that being said.. i will most likely watch this movie, but only after it comes out..


    @Trent – Don’t hate me, Trenty poo! I just didn’t like the movie. : (
    @DJ Vegas – Word! We’re pretty much hardcore highlighted in bold! ; )

  • nicoleyukiko

    I cannot handle scary movies, especially ones that deal with nighttime and beds. Couldn’t even make it through the first five seconds of this trailer. Not for me.

  • SantaBarbaraBabe

    OMFG. I jumped clear outta my seat watching the trailer. The first movie almost made me pee my panties I was so scared.I’m gunna need a lap to sit on and a hand to squeeze watching this one. :P

  • PixiesBassline

    Hmm.. this stuff doesn’t really scare me either.
    I think real-life personal experiences in this department overshadow it for me, though…

  • Koriejo

    the first movie wasnt as scary as everyone told me it was gonna be, granted it had some really WTF moments and thats what made me like the movie was more how it messed with your head and played on the emotions of people i can completely see why so many people found it scary i just have a high tolerence when it comes to the spooky i guess, this one does look more intense and im looking forward to watching it maybe this time ill watch it with a squeemish friend just to be able to enjoy it that much more xo

  • Suz

    Ooooh creepy. People in horror movies: always listen to your pets!! They know whatsup….

  • yadira


  • Autumn

    @Suz: It’s true! The animals always know.

    I liked the first movie, and will definitely be seeing the second. I’m really into ghosts/paranormal, so I thought it was a good movie.

  • Kara

    Completely agree!!!! When the animals are freaking out/ heading for the hills, you KNOW you need to GTFO. ;)

  • LISA L

    @nicoleyukiko I’m with you! I CANNOT watch anything suspenseful. I was terrified of the first movie’s TV trailers and I’m always having creepy thoughts just looking at the pictures of the second one. I don’t think I can even attempt to watch the trailer =(

  • nicole

    @CHASE – im totally with you!
    the first one had soooo much hype and i was so excited to see it. and it sucked so bad. i even watched it alone in the dark…and nada. im a sucker for these movies …but this had to be the biggest let down of 09.
    this one looks better…so i might have to check it out..but its kinda perdictable…i mean…the trailer didnt even scare me one bit. :(

  • geana

    oh lord! i watched this movie in bed with my husband and it scared the shit outta me!!our son started crying about half wy through it and i couldnt get my scared ass outta bed to see why he was crying! my husband was laughing his ass off! this one looks amazingly scary! guess ill be waiting for him to return from deployment to see it! thanks for sharig trent!

  • llivetofear

    @Suz…. woohhhh welcome to the club, I am into the same stuff as well, I even think I have this third eye thingy. But to everyone, if you like to scare yourself this is the movie you ought to see. Just make sure you are not alone when you watch this.

  • Anne

    The first one still freaks me out! Will have to see this one too. I still a get creeped out thinking of the hoof marks in the powder in the hall and when the blanket moved!

  • HomoDM

    “Paranormal Activity” was a piece of crap.

    “The Blair Witch Project” was so scary because almost everyone can relate to the feeling of being lost. And the “witch” is never seen, only suggested, so the audience never really knows what the protagonists are dealing with. Sometimes less is more.

    In PA the monster was a demon. Being that there are no such things, I was no longer able to suspend my disbelief. Instead, the movie became a charicature of itself. (“Why yes, asshat boyfriend, go play with the ouija board!”)

    The only scary thing about PA was that it gave my friend motion sickness and I was afraid he might vomit in my car after the show.

  • I really didn’t think Paranormal Activity was scary in the least. Maybe because it was hyped up so much. But meh…

  • Gaytheist

    I thought “Paranormal Activity” was a comedy. I certainly laughed all the way through it. It was so predictable.

  • Janice Marie

    I see the baby in the mirror (YIKES), but WHERE DID THE DOG GO!!!!???!!! This will haunt me, I tell you. Haunt. Me.

  • Kara

    I had an *interesting* evening last night.
    I was in bed, & the fucking covers moved up my legs. O_O
    No joke. I FREAKED & turned on the lights. Nothing but me & my dogs. I shrugged it off as my dogs moving around/moving the covers. Which I’m SURE it was just that, but it still left me unsettled. I slept curled up in a ball the rest of then night.
    YES, I’m still seeing PA 2 ;)

  • Kara

    ^ I should mention that I was in a half asleep stupor, too. ;) Another weird thing. A while back, one of my dogs would wake up and stand on the bed & growl/bark at apparently nothing.
    It was too weird. Fortunately, that hasn’t happened in a while.

  • LC

    HATED the first one, really wasn’t scary at all and so drawn out and boring. I feel like it was mostly scenes of the couple just bickering. However, I’m willing to give the second one a chance but probably wont waste $10 and just wait for it on netflix.

  • The baby is gone from the crib but still in the crib in the mirror!!

  • Carrie

    LOVED the first one….althought it is not real, still scary!