M.I.A. & Ikhyd Edgar Take Manhattan


It has been over a year since we’ve gotten a look at singer M.I.A.‘s baby boy Ikyd Edgar Arular (who was born in February of 2009) but this week, mother and son were spotted out and about on the streets of NYC and OMG is her little boy adorable … behold:

I absolutely cannot believe that little wittle Ikyhd is such a big kid already! He really is the cutest thing … and, to be honest, he looks like one of my little cousins. I always forget that M.I.A. (née Mathangi Maya Arulpragasam) is a mom but she sure looks the role with her son in her arms. These pics are cute, y’all. Ain’t he the cutest?

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • I have become to cynical for my own good…

    Instead of commenting on the cuteness, my first thought was, doesn’t she have an album coming out soon?

  • Lola

    How the h3ll do you pronounce that kid’s name?? “Eye-ky-d” “E-Ky-d” “Eye-kid”?????