The ‘Britney For Candie’s’ Website Goes Online


Last Friday we got our first look at some of the new fashions that will be made available when the new clothing line Britney for Candie’s: The Limited Edition Collection goes on sale this Fall. On Saturday we got a peek at the first promo photos to be released for the campaign. Today we learn that the official Candie’s site has been updated for the Britney for Candie’s line and we get to check out a few of the full-size promo posters from the ad campaign:

She looks amazing in this pic! While I still question the verity of whether or not this line was actually designed by Britney Spears, I think all the looks are very “Britney” and do look great on her. After the jump, check out two more promo photos and a video from the campaign photoshoot …

OMG … I LOVE this so much! I had no idea that Brett Miller, Britney’s assistant, got upgraded to Best Friend ;) While the sizzle reel above is very cool, wait til you check out the TV commercial:

What a great campaign … I can’t wait to see more. Is it wrong that I’m TOTES JEALOUS that I can’t wear any of this stuff? Boo. Ah well … maybe Britney will design a Britney for Candie’s line of menswear sometime soon? HMMM. So … what do YOU think of all of this awesomeness? It’s hawt, right?


  • Peppylicious

    I like the white layered top…I’d buy it! Cute commercial :)

  • Katie

    I really like the white teared shirt.
    I doubt it looks that cute on, though :-/

  • gabe

    love it!!!!!

  • gabe

    love it!!!!! Britney looks amazing!

  • pitnb

    Ok im seriously not saying this bec i love britney !!! but for real all the clothes/accessories/shoes/bags look AMAZING
    the photoshoot looks beyond amazing…and the rest of the pix are so beautiful, you guys have to check it out !!

    im really glad she didn’t go Gaga-ish on her clothing line which they clam now it’s “fashion” ’cause THIS is real fashion !!!!

  • Tricia

    She looks so cute and happy! And the video proves it is not airbrushed – she actually has that banging body! I am a grown-a** woman and still want most of those clothes… luv her!

  • Jadedkitten

    Pop up ads at the top of the page that are blocking the title and top part of this thread are annoying & not cute trent….unlike the clothes in britney’s collection which are adorable and I’m totally going to buy.

  • nicole

    oddly…i like the clothes..cute.
    but i hate when she does promo/scripted stuff… she always sound over rehersed. and the semi blank stare doesnt help.

  • Anna

    she looks realllly nice. she finally looks like Britney, you know fun and flirty and nice and cute and stuff. :) Lovely.

  • SantaBarbaraBabe

    Like I’ve said before, (long before I even saw the clothes) I’m SO buying these! LOL. And Britney looks amazing in these ads. So naturally pretty. :)


    Living Legend

  • mike

    she looks beyond adorable in the part with her hair up and its saying that the jewellery makes the outfit! I love the commercial and I think that this line is going to be really successful!

  • smp_7328

    Love it!!! Can’t wait to check out the clothes at the store!

  • Leah

    Yeah I’m going to have to have the gray leather jacket.

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  • ty

    hott!!!!! totally awesome campaign!

  • Jennie

    She looks really cute, but i hate the outfit with the leggings

  • Alex

    LOLOLOL!!!!! Ok, first of all, I love Britney, but I just love how the behind the scenes video looks so fake! hahaha it’s like Britney had *just* seen the clothes for the first time and was completely clueless… “I love… this, um… skirt… amazing… yeah…. um, this is… a… jacket, apparently… so cool… this is, like… a skirt with metal things… it’s great!” hahahahaha! you gotta love her.

  • J

    It’s true what people say, this is real fashion. It may not be HIGH FASHION or something that designers will be like “Wow, we gotta go in this direction.” It may not be well received by Vogue or whatever… but its what regular, casual and normal people wear day to day and going out. They captured it perfectly with their on take on it. Even if Britney didn’t design it herself, no doubt she chose what she wanted to model.

    She looks great though! Happy. The Brett part is hilarious, there is an extended one where they rehearse saying it. Hardly see her around anymore these days. I hope Britney does a bit more of this work. Promo’s, mag covers, maybe a charity single before she releases a new album and tours. Chuck out a charity single for us fans keep us satisfied. I just don’t want it rushed and I reallllllly wany Britney-input on the album. In The Zone input with the outcome of Blackout. YES PLEASE!!!!

  • kelly y0

    forget the clothes… i want those boots in the first pic!! DIE!

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