Les News, 062910

Taylor swaps spit with R. Pattz, Katie as Jackie O., Bret heading to 'AI'?
  1. nicole

    - Katie has the Jackie-O look down!. i didnt know they were filming in Ontario..i wonder where…
    - im kind of lovin the new hair colour on KStew – softens her face. im not big on the cut..but i think that just has to do with the way its styled.

  2. nicole

    so i just found out Katie was right by my house – 10 minutes away. it would have been cool to run into her.

  3. Snorri

    Pam Anderson is a HOT MESS.

  4. taylorbath

    A Verizon iphone would be awesome. Make it so! The only factor keeping me from iphone goodness is the damn unreliability of AT&T.

  5. Amanda

    I’ve had AT&T for 4 years now and I’ve never had a problem. I also have the iPhone and rarely have a problem. Verizon is the carrier I did have issues with before I switched. Could never get a good signal! ~~~ I just can’t see Katie as Jackie, sorry. ~~~ I’m curious to see J.Hud’s BTM. I don’t recall her talking very much about her tragedy before.

    • @Amanda — I, too, rarely have problems that other people seem to complain about. I don’t love ATT but I don’t love any mobile service, they all have crappy service in some places.

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