Matt LeBlanc Gets Wastey Face In London

Needs a little help from his friends

Actor Matt LeBlanc, who played the lovable doofus Joey Tribbiani on the long-running NBC series Friends, was spotted out on the town in London, England over the weekend lookin’ like he enjoyed a bit more fun than he could handle. A clearly inebriated LeBlanc stumbled out of a London club lookin’ a bit worse for the wear … behold:

Matt LeBlanc did perhaps just a tiny bit too much partying Saturday night in London, has learned. The former Friends star had spent the evening at the tony Ivy Club and Bungalow 8 with colleagues from the new sitcom he’s shooting in the UK. But getting back to the limo for the drive to his hotel — well — that took the help of several friends to make happen … LeBlanc’s new show is called Episodes. It’s about a sophisticated British husband-and-wife writing team who make a deal to produce a sitcom for the US but are then stuck with Matt LeBlanc as their leading man. It will premiere on Showtime this fall….with Matt LeBlanc playing Matt LeBlanc!

LOL! I kinda love these photos … I mean, we’ve all been there, right? And it really sounds like Matt LeBlanc is gonna try and milk the Joey-well again in the hopes of scoring a new hit series. While he enjoyed much success in Friends, his sequel series Joey failed miserably and, well, he really hasn’t done much since. It should be too much of a stretch for Matt LeBlanc to play Matt LeBlanc but my guess is that he will be playing Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani. Will it be a hit? Only time will tell … in the mean time, it appears that Matt is getting a jump start on the boozing he’s likely to do if he suffers another failed TV series.

[Photo credit: INFdaily; Source]

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  1. Dawn

    Thank the goddess I don’t have anyone following me around when I am getting wasty-faced! Small blessing for nobody me. ;)

  2. jen

    The gray is definitely sexy…

  3. Kristi

    Ooh I’m lovin that salt-n-pepper hair! He’s lookin pretty good for a drunk guy!

  4. Kendra

    Hahaa! LOVE these pics!! That show actually sounds funny! I hope it works out for him..I like the guy..

  5. Aislin

    His face looks the same as ever but his hair is absolutely amazing. A true silver fox. I love it.

  6. Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I don’t like the gray on him! He looks like he belongs in the Sopranos!

  7. PixiesBassline

    LOL. He is SO wasssssted.
    He’s got that look.. where you could tell him anything in the world and he’d still have that look. Hahaha

  8. Fucker looks better drunk than i do sober? I think he actually looks very stoic and kinda british in that suit with his grey hair.

  9. nicole

    i will forever love Matt lol

  10. Annie

    Isn’t that one of Britney’s old body guards?

  11. N

    I’m not loving the hair but he is HOT.

  12. Oscar in Miami Beach

    He was bombed on weed.We saw pictures of him sucking on a doovy.The man is flying hiiiiigh.Weeeeee!!!!

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