Jake Gyllenhaal Comes Out . . .


Our dear Jake Gyllenhall was spotted coming OUT of the gym here in SoCal yesterday afternoon and homie was wearing a Stand Up 2 Cancer hoodie to show his support for the organization:

Now, naturally, I’d prefer to see photos of Jakey poo wearing as little clothing as possible but I guess I don’t mind too much that Jake is reppin’ Stand Up 2 Cancer. Next time, tho, Jake … why don’t you wear a tight-fitting SU2C t-shirt instead ;)

[Photo credit: INFdaily, Splash News]


    You know, I’m gad Jake turned down “Avatar” because, even though it would have made him a huge star, he wouldn’t have those awesome muscles he acquired from “Prince of Persia” and I think that’s a fair trade, yeah? : )

  • Steph

    Lol @ the title! It gave me a great laugh! : )

  • teri

    I too love the title of Jake coming “out”…no pun intended, huh? :)

  • nicole

    @CHASE – agreed :)

  • Cathy

    Goodlooking as usual..

  • Oh Trent, you sly dog! That title had my eyes about ready to pop out of my head!

    Jake Gyllenhaal is seriously sooo hot with that ripped physique he’s rocking now!