Britney Spears & Kevin Federline Reunite To Celebrate Sean Preston


Congratulations are in order for Sean Preston Spears-Federline today … because lil’ homie just graduated from preschool, y’all! I know it’s a very rare occurrence when a Federline graduates (tho, it has been known to happen) so this is BIG news for the Federline family. Mama Britney Spears reunited with papa Kevin Federline at Reseda High School this week so that the entire Spederline family could be together for Sean P’s big day:

I really love the ensemble that K-Fed decided to wear to his son’s graduation … that’s class, y’all. But, to be honest, I think it’s really very cool that Britney and K-Fed could come together for their son … and it looks like both Brit and Kevin left their significant others at home. It’s not very often that we get to see the entire Spederline family together again so … ’twas a rare occasion, indeed.

After Sean P. was all graduated and stuff, Britney and her beau Jason Trawick decided to sneak off to Palm Springs, CA to spend a romantic weekend together. After the jump, check out where Britwick made a pit stop on their way out of town …

But OF COURSE Britney needed to swing by Starbucks before she and Jason hit the road together. I understand Britwick also made stops at Denny’s and the gas station (a couple more of Britney’s fave places) on their way out of town. Here’s hoping they are able to enjoy a lovely weekend together :)

[Photo credit: X17]


    She looks good but haters are going to say:

    – She looks fat
    – Oh my gosh her hair!
    – ETC.

    I think she looks amazing and only Living Legend could rock that…skirt? With a plaid shirt. ; ) And ew, KFED is gross. What the hell is doing with Britney’s money? Oh yeah: FOOD.

  • pitnb

    they look so in love <3333
    in other pix they are laughing and smiling and stuff =D
    plus she looks amazing tbh !!!

    and congratz to sean ;)

  • Jadedkitten

    Awww Preston is getting so big already graduating pre k *sobs* & Britwick looking happy and in love lolololol I’m sure somewhere x17 is curled into a ball sobbing.

  • nicole

    i cant hate on what kevins wearing…odds are its no different that what brits rockin if we say a full body shot. and really..with how brit leaves the house half the time….and say she looks “good” ..well..yeah…
    im kinda lovin the look in the second pic..but id perfer something jean on the bottom…not lovin the colour of that skirt?

  • sa


    Stop trying to predict what the haters will say. They will always say the same shit.

    Britwick looks cute! We don’t get to see them relaxed all that often. They are usually walking to a place as fast as they can.

    Kevin’s good clothes probably don’t fit anymore.

  • taikwan

    Birt and Jason look like they really, REALLY care – esp in that last photo. Happiness finally?

    The little guys could not be any cuter and they look like Britney, not their daddy.

  • Seriously

    Leave them alone. If they can salvage any resemblance of a family don’t they now deserve a chance.

    I hear Gaga flipped the bird at the press… Run bitches.

  • RUKidding

    “Living Legend”?!

    Get a dictionary and and look up legend.

    • @RUKidding — Yep, got it … Webster’s Dictionary defines “living legend” as Britney Spears.

  • Splick

    Jayden looks more like mommy, and Sean looks more like daddy! So cute, Brit-Brit looks fab!

  • Jennie

    Congrats to Sean P!

  • ELI

    i love BRITWICK