The ‘Twilight’ Trinity Does ‘Entertainment Weekly’ Magazine . . . Again


Back in November of 2009, on the eve of the release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, the principal stars of The Twilight Saga movie franchise — Kirsten Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner — graced the cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine. This week, on the eve of the release of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, the Twilight Trinity again grace the cover of EW mag … but this time, they get 2 different covers … that they have to share:

As the highly-anticipated Twilight Saga: Eclipse prepares to descend on theaters June 30, stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner get together in L.A. for a frank discussion about the roles they play within the Twilight universe — both on screen and off. They also open up about their Oprah appearance, staying fit, and what it took to film a climactic scene in Eclipse, in which the three characters are forced to wait out a blizzard in incredibly close proximity.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: One scene fans have been dying to see takes place in the tent during the snowstorm. Jacob warms up Bella with his body because Edward is cold-blooded and can’t do it himself.
LAUTNER: The tent scene is probably my favorite, because it’s the first time Edward and Jacob are actually able to connect and understand each other.

EW: How many takes did you go through to get that scene?
LAUTNER: Two days originally to film it, and then a full day of reshoots.

EW: Why?
PATTINSON: [The director] wanted it to be more erotic. Seriously.
STEWART: It’s true. In the book there’s a serious sexual tension. As I’m sleeping, Jacob is staring over my vulnerable body, and he’s naked in this fucking sleeping bag because you heat up faster that way, and Jacob and Edward are leveling with each other.

EW: Taylor, you and Rob have some pretty serious confrontations in this movie.
LAUTNER: Some of those scenes were pretty hard for me. I think we ruined a couple of takes in front of the house and in the tent. It’s just, I don’t know, I have a hard time looking at him…
STEWART: Ha! “I have such a hard time looking at him”!
LAUTNER: [Laughs] I wasn’t finished. He and I were this close to each other — we are literally, like, an inch away — and we’re screaming at each other.
STEWART: And about to kiss…
LAUTNER: A couple of moments it felt like that.
PATTINSON: Every single time we had to do a threatening thing to each other — for one thing, you always have your shirt off, and so in the tent scene I literally grabbed your breast. And it’s very difficult to remain in the moment. Also, in that tent scene, I can’t really get over the fact that the word thought sounds like fart.
STEWART: The word thought does not sound like fart.
STEWART: Maybe because you are an English person.
PATTINSON: The opening line of that scene is “Can you at least keep your farts to yourself?” I couldn’t quite get over that.

The full EW interview can be read in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly which is on newsstands NOW! After the jump, check out a photo of the big 3 that is featured inside the mag …

Ha! This pic looks like a J. Crew catalog photo … but they all look very nice, very hot, very threesomey. The Hollywood premiere of Eclipse took place here in LA last night (photos to come) but we still have 5 whole days to wait before the film hits theaters. How ever will we make it thru the home stretch?


  • Z

    The picture of Rob and Taylor is so cute! :)

  • April

    Look at those two handsome devils!

  • Ama

    haha okay, this interview made me laugh. It wasn’t the typical boring Twilight interview which is AWESOME. Kristen is such a smart ass that it’s great. She looks so beautiful when she smiles, she should keep doing that! Also, the last photo for some reason I think it would be perfect for one of those milk ads. I don’t know why either it just looks like it(I actually thought it was at first)

  • krissy

    That is pretty funny. It is great that they all seem to get along so well. That last picture is beautiful.

  • jen

    LOL! Great interview! Shows some personality! I also love the pic of the two boys together, very cute…and the one of all three is great, Rob looks so deilcious.

  • trena

    OMG – she’s actually smiling on the cover!!!! didn’t think she had it in her.

  • nicole

    see kristen…smiling doesnt kill!

  • Val 2.0

    I think this is the first time I’ve seen a picture of all of them together where all three look really great. She really does look beautiful when she smiles.

  • Susie

    I love that she’s grabbing his chest in that last picture. Body language much?

  • LISA L

    WOW! They all look amazing and the interview was fun to read, not redundant or boring! I can’t get over the fact they look so natural and happy! I might have to go pick up this issue.

  • Brenna

    After the NUMEROUS Lost covers for EW, I welcome repeated covers of something I am actually interested in.

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    hmmm hmmm YUMMYYYYYYY Robert Pattinson!