Prince To Release His Next Album In German ‘Rolling Stone’ Magazine


Prince, who is known for being a bit unconventional when it comes to releasing his music, has decided that his next offering (the title of which is still unknown … tho it’s possible it may be titled 20TEN) will be released in the August issue of German Rolling Stone magazine. As you may recall, a couple of years ago Prince gave away free copies of his album Planet Earth with the Daily Mail newspaper in the UK (the album was later offered for sale here in the US). It seems like Prince is ready to give away another album, this time in German Rolling Stone mag. Here is a full page ad in the July issue of German RS that promotes an upcoming concert performance in Berlin along with a rough translation of the text that hints at the release of his next album:

Purple Weeks After 8 years without a show in Germany Prince is finally doing the honors on July 5 at the Waldbuehne Berlin – presented by ROLLING STONE which is hitting the newsstands with the most exclusive Prince bonus there is in the August issue. Nothing more may be revealed…

Despite the fact that it will be very difficult to get a copy of German Rolling Stone WITH this Prince album included here in the US, I am very much looking forward to its release. As much as many folks did not like the album LOTUSFLOW3R which was released last year, I dug it very much and am excited at the prospect of new music to come. My guess is that this new album will be made available in the rest of the world as well … we just may have to wait a bit longer. Any Prince fans excited out there?

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