Lauren ‘LC’ Conrad Dons The Milk’stache


Lauren LC Conrad, former star of MTV’s The Hills and current author and fashion designer, is featured in the latest Got Milk? ad for the now pop culturally relevant promo campaign that promotes milk drinking. I believe that LC previously featured in a Got Milk? ad before but her ability to inspire folks to drink cow juice is so great, they decided to bring her back for another go ’round:

Meh. To be honest, this photo is kinda … meh. It’s cute and all and LC looks like, well, LC but … there’s nothing very interesting or novel about this particular photo. The most exciting thing is the flowery glass she is holding. I mean, I can only speak for myself but this photo does not make me want to drink milk. Does it work for you?


  • I think it was voted on by fans or something…….

  • Mr,.Gyllenhaal

    She looks cute but I seriously love her!! She rocks!

  • Kristi

    I’m so over these pics not looking anything like a real milk’stache and more just a perfectly painted-on stip of glue to the upper lip! I’m a big milk drinker myself, but because it tastes good and it’s healthy – not because someone dipped their lip in glue for a picture!

  • Z

    I’m w/ Kristi on this. And LC’s facial expression doesn’t really inspire milk drinking either. She looks like someone just told her she drank the fake milk they used to paint her lip!

  • Katie

    Nothing about thick milk mustaches on people’s faces have ever made me want to drink milk. This whole thing has always grossed me out!!

  • Malcolm McCrae

    this was chosen on by fans. And they picked the wrong one. She has a much better one. much better one here…

    • @Malcolm McCrae — OMG, yes! That photo is much better!

  • Malcolm McCrae

    @Trent Exactly! It’s so much more Lauren’s personality (which is what these ads are supposed to reflect) and it’s just all around better looking. When I see that in a Magazine I’m going to stop andstare at it, when I see the one they picked… well I wont see it. lol


    MILK IS DISGUSTING! It tastes and smells gross! I’ve never been a milkaholic and I, personally, think it’s disgusting when people just drink it randomly just to drink it. Like, “OH, I’m thirsty…I’m gonna drink a glass of milk” EWWWWWW! Plus, I’m not lactose intolerant or anything but milk makes me sick just by the thought of it. Like, right now I’m feelin’ pretty grossed out. Absolutely disgusting. Anyways, uh, this photo sucks.

  • Amanda

    Love her, but yeah, not a great photo.

  • BriK

    ROOTS! Get your hair done, christ….