Kenny Wormald Will Star In The Upcoming ‘Footloose’ Remake


First in early 2009 we learned that plans were in the works to produce a remake of the famed 80’s film Footloose (which starred Kevin Bacon) but that Zac Efron would NOT be appearing in the lead role, then we learned that Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford had signed on to appear in the film. Then earlier this year we learned that Chace, too, decided to pull out and NOT appear in the Footloose remake. But today, in the latest chapter of the Footloose casting saga, we learn that newcomer and MTV’s Dancelife star Kenny Wormald has officially signed on to star in the new version of Footloose:

A new face in Hollywood is stepping into Kevin Bacon’s shoes for a remake of “Footloose.” Paramount Pictures announced Tuesday that Kenny Wormald will take on the role Bacon originated in the 1984 original about a rebellious city youth who busts some moves in his new town, where dancing has been banned. “High School Musical” heartthrob Zac Efron had planned to star but dropped out of the “Footloose” remake last year. Wormald’s previous credits include the MTV series “Dancelife.” He will co-star alongside two-time “Dancing With the Stars” champion and country music singer Julianne Hough. The cast also includes Dennis Quaid. Due in theaters April 1, 2011, “Footloose” will be directed by Craig Brewer (“Hustle & Flow”).

I have to say, I have serious reservations about this planned Footloose remake … the fact that so many folks do NOT want to be in it is troubling. But I will say that I like the idea of a relative unknown taking the lead … and the fact that he is a dancer is very encouraging. I love the original film far too much to get too excited about this remake (becuase I know for a fact that the new version will not feature as much bare butt nudity as the original, damnit) but it sounds like the film is finally on track. Who knows, it may strike a cord and be a big hit. I don’t get impressed by very many remakes so … I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


  • Amanda

    I personally don’t want to see this redone. I absolutely adore the original, the ONLY one, and feel like they’re just going to raunch this one up and make it all about sex and make it “hardcore” to appeal to today’s audience. I know those things sell but this is one movie I will not be seeing if it ever comes out.

  • Molly

    I liked him in Center Stage 2, so he’s not a bad choice!

  • Mel

    Footloose is my favorite movie of all time! I do not want to see it remade…why can’t they come up with original movies!!

  • The real question is who is going to go pay money to see this crap?!

  • Katherine

    why do they keep screwing around with the classics?! ughhh. what’s next, a modernized take on sound of music? spare me.

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