Mary Lynn Rajskub Spreads Her Legs, Bares Her Soul


Last night Darion and I made our way to the Steve Allen Theater here in LA to attend the opening night performance of Mary Lynn Rajskub’s new one woman show Mary Lynn Spreads Her Legs. Darion and I saw her do a stand-up comedy show at M Bar a couple of years ago so we were really looking forward to gettin’ our yuks from MLR last night … and boy did we ever. The show is utterly fantastic and … surprisingly touching and poignant, too:

The show is all about Mary Lynn’s pregnancy and subsequent relationship with her now husband Matthew Rolph and very funnily details all of the pitfalls that Mary Lynn endured by becoming a new mom. I don’t want to spoil the show for you in case you get to see it but … I wouldn’t let MLR babysit your child … unless you DON’T own an oven. As I said, the show is riotously funny (tho, I could go a lifetime without every hearing MLR utter the words “tight pussy” ever again) and then shockingly poignant and very, very touching. Mary Lynn is able to switch instantaneously from a funny bit to a quiet and sentimental one. We were so impressed and entertained. Mary Lynn will be performing her one-woman show Mary Lynn Spreads Her Legs at the Steve Allen Theater every weekend all Summer long, thru the end of October! Click HERE to get tix for this show … YOU MUST SEE IT!

We got to chat with her for a bit after the show, she was a total sweetheart … it’s always so nice getting to chat with her :D

After the show, Darion and I were invited to the Friends and Family soft opening night of a new bar on Hollywood Blvd. called Loaded. D’s friend Tara’s boyfriend PJ is part owner so we were happy to show up and lend our support (and get some free drinks, too). After the jump, check out some of our pics from the bar …

The place is damn cool! It reminds me of the coolest Detroit bars back home … we had a blast! Loaded is open for biz starting tonight so if you’re in Hollywood and you’re lookin’ for a good time, you gotta get loaded at Loaded :D

This afternoon, David and I are meeting up with our friend Angie and her boo for an afternoon showing of Toy Story 3 later today … should be a blast. Happy Weekend, y’all!!

  • bluebell

    You really are alergic to pussy aren’t you trent?! haha!

  • Ana

    Mary Lynn looks gorgeous.I miss Chloe in my tv every Monday :-(. Trent did you asked her if she was going to be in the 24 movie?

  • Shazzer

    1: I am jealous.
    2: I love your shirt ;)

  • Mary Lynn, i loved you through the 24 series and i think your a very different, very, very, good actor. There is no 24 without you. If the powers that be decide to have a movie, you have got to be in it. I’ll be bumed out if your not, but i,m sure you and your agent will be able to work something out. Like many others, i deply mis CHLOE. Sincerely and respectfully, Marcello sorry about the spelling. I,M IN COSTA RICA now and this is a weird type/writer CIAO

  • olamide

    i want another season of 24