Brandon Routh Is A Superfan Of Cirque Du Soleil: ‘Viva Elvis’


Superman Returns star Brandon Routh and his wife Courtney Ford (who played sneaky journalist with a secret Christine Hill on season 3 of Dexter) paid a visit to the ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, NV last night to attend a performance of the newest Cirque du Soleil show called Vivia Elvis. As you may know, Viva Elvis is based on the iconic music of the King of Rock and Roll himself Elvis Presley and has been wowing audiences since it opened last December. Here are a couple photos of Brandon and Courtney with some of the Viva Elvis cast, including singer Toscha Comeaux and dancer Miguel Perez:

I have been DYING to see Viva Elvis myself! I’m such a huge Cirque du Soleil fan, I can’t even tell you. David and I got to see KOOZÅ when it was here in LA last November and we had an absolute blast. Every time we go to Vegas we try and set aside a night so we can see a new Cirque show … Viva Elvis is deffo next on our list. I understand Brandon and Courtney had a blast … I can’t wait til I can experience this fun show for myself. Have any of y’all seen Viva Elvis yet? If so, did you love?

[Photo credit: Crystal Walker/Cashman Photo]

  • Illise

    he is so hot he looks like a ken doll lol
    love the cirque du soleil i wanna go see the new show they are presenting here soon

  • Rachael

    Holy crap I didn’t know he was married to Christine Hill from Dexter. Brandon Routh guest starred on “Chuck” this whole season (which just ended in May) and unfortunately kind of wreaked havoc on the show … most of the fans hated him. It practically killed the entire series because I think some people got fed up and stopped watching.

    I wasn’t one of the crazed maniacal fans asking for his head on a platter, but I would have been happier if they had kept his guest starring arc to just a few eps rather than almost the entire freaking season. Sorry Brandon … you seem like a nice guy though. ;-)

  • Kendra

    I didn’t mind him on Chuck..Though I HATED the Christine character on Dexter..She was always showing her boobs in a strange and unnecessary way and she was just so annoying! Blech..Aaanyway, they do make for a fine looking couple! I have yet to see any Cirque show and I know my life is a little less magical due to that fact..

  • @manda

    He is hot!

  • Come on the Chuck fans just hated Shaw (Bandon Routh’s) character because Sarah was hot for him instead of Chuck for most of the season.
    Brandon Routh is Super Hot. I can’t wait for his upcoming films Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World where he plays Todd Ingram and Dylan Dog: Dead of Night where he is Dylan Dog.

    Back on topic. That looks like a fun show. I plan to see it soon myself.

  • Rachael

    @Kendra – Good point, the Christine character was actually miles more annoying than Shaw hahah … though I think the Christine character was purposely written to be really obnoxious and pathetic. ;-)
    @Vgerland – A big part of why they hated Shaw definitely was that for sure (the fact that his character was meant to come between Chuck and Sarah), but the writing of his character and that story arc was pretty damn sloppy as well – which is certainly NOT Brandon’s fault. The other fan complaint though, that I do have to kind of agree with, was that his acting was a bit … wooden.
    But again he seems like a cool guy … I was just reminded of all the angry Shaw-hating fans when I saw his pic here. ;-)

  • Stacy

    Trent, have you seen The Beatles Love show yet? It’s absolutely fantastic…not sure if you’re a Beatles fan though! I’ve also seen Ka in Vegas, and that show is pretty amazing as well – great stunts in that one! Cirque amazes me, can’t imagine how fun it would be to have that be your job!!

  • George West

    Cool, I’m also a big Cirque Du Soleil fan, though I have only seen some of the shows on tv. And Brandon Routh is such a great guy, I’m a big fan since I saw him in Superman Returns. Best Superman and Clark since Christopher Reeve. Also saw him during his run in the NBC show Chuck this season. I started watching the show just for him, and he didn’t disappoint. The show on the other hand, I liked it quite a lot, but the Chuck/Sarah relationship angst BS is what dragged the show for me. Other than that, fun show. I’ll be definitely watching Brandon’s other upcoming films, he’s a very good actor and has such huge presence. Oh and his wife is cute!

  • i luv u Brandon. COOL EXPECTATION, Brandon likes Elvis btw he is really back in CHUCK NEXT SEASON???? I miss u Shaw….Brandon can i get your vcd Denial Movies??? i look forward to it. In Indonesia Denial is not filmed. Keep cool n success for your next film Brandon. Luv u… :)