The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Theme Park Is Open For Business


In March we got our first look at the new Universal Studios Florida theme park attraction The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and in April Ellen DeGeneres got a sneak peek of the park. Last month a few of the Harry Potter actors themselves got to tour the park and starting today YOU can visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter … cuz it’s now officially open for business:

I’ve heard from a few Pink readers who ventured to Universal Studios in Orlando, FL today to check out the new attraction and I’m hearing that the wait time just to get in is at about 6 hours long! I can’t wait to visit the park myself but … I think I’m gonna wait until the hub-bub dies down a bit. Still, it’s a pretty cool notion to know that at last … the world of Harry Potter actually exists somewhere in our world. Magic happens … and apparently it happens in Orlando, FL. If any of y’all do get inside … make sure you let us know how it is!


  • Winona

    I can’t wait to visit!!! But, since my youngest is only 9 months, we’re going to wait until he’s 3 to get to Disney/Universal so he can appreciate it a bit at least. Hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy the HP part myself!

  • Jackie

    I can’t wait to go next month during the Infinitus Convention in Orlando. Attendees get to go in after the park closes at night. So I won’t have to deal w/the huge crowds thank goodness. :D

  • Jenilee

    waiting till November so the crowd can at least die down a little. moving to FL next month!

  • Meghan

    If I wasn’t 9 months pregnant I definitely would have gone today (I live in Orlando)! But I think we’ll wait a few months until the excitement dies down and it gets a little cooler.

  • brittany

    I’m actually heading down to orlando tomorrow and do plan on going so we’ll see how it goes! :)

  • Rochelle

    I live in Orlando too and I’m probably going to wait until right after Thanksgiving. I go to the parks that time every year and they are dead since its between holidays and many people go for Halloween Horror nights in October so its after that craziness too.

  • Lisa.

    NOO! Why must I be a poor student! But I will eventually go and cry tears of happiness at the gates!

  • Kendra

    I honestly cried when I realized I wasn’t going to be able to get there for my birthday this year..I’ve been looking forward to this for so long! I hate being a poor student..I guess there’s always next year, eh? :(

  • Jessica

    I fly out Wednesday for the park! I’m sooooo excited I can barely stand it!

  • Sara

    I am going next month! I’m sooo excited! I already plan to waste a full paycheck on Harry Potter stuff!

  • Jen

    JESSICA: tell us how long the wait times were when you go. I’m going the next week and want to know about the wait times.

  • Jessica

    JEN: ok today was my last day in the park. :( The lines were crazy no matter what we did. We didn’t have to wait in line to get in but that’s because we got there at 7 am. Everything was pretty much a two hour wait from butterbeer to ollivanders. I would highly reccommend going at 7 leaving at around 11 then going back at about 8 pm it isn’t as hot or crowded there. The shops are wicked small we were pressed up against almost every wall. Everything was awesome though and I wouldn’t change a thing. I even teared up walking inside lol