Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen Call Off Their Engagement


Back in February of 2009, Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen announced that they had gotten engaged to be wed back in December of 2008 and then the couple went out of sight, into hiding. It wasn’t until July of 2009 that Rachel surfaced sans Hayden but with engagement bling … and then the couple went out of sight, into hiding. The couple came out of hiding once earlier this year for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games but again … went out of sight, into hiding. Today we are hearing that the couple has decided to take a “break” from their relationship and put their engagement on hold. HMMMM. It sounds like the couple are dunzo, y’all!

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are “taking a break,” a source tells UsMagazine.com. The two announced their engagement in February 2009. Bilson, 28, flashed a ringless finger to Us on the red carpet of the Take No Prisoners event in L.A. Wednesday night. When asked how wedding plans were going, she said, “No, no plans” and pointed to her bare hand. “No nothing.” The source says the couple — who co-starred in 2008 action flick Jumper — are “taking about a month off” and will then revisit their relationship to decide if they should stay together. The break began about two weeks ago, the source adds.

Yeah … these two … they are not getting married. They’ve been so weird as a couple since they got secretly engaged, I never once believed they would actually make it down the aisle. The couple, RayDen as I love to call them, are never ever seen together. I mean, I’m all for privacy but … when you never see a high profile couple together, there has to be something wrong. The fact that Rachel is no longer wearing the ring seems like a pretty good indication that the wedding is off. It’s always sad when a couple breaks up or, should I say, goes on a “break” but considering how these two never really seemed like a genuine couple to me … it’s hard to feel the loss. What do y’all think … are you sad that RayDen are practically dunzo?


  • Brenna

    That does NOT look like Hayden.

  • Jane

    Yeah, these two don’t belong together. Now if only Rachel and Adam Brody would get back together… now they were a perfect couple.

    • @Jane — “Now if only Rachel and Adam Brody would get back together” YESSSS :D

  • anhimals

    @Jane you took the words right out of my mouth! “Seth” and “Summer” belong together LOL

  • nicole

    well i wouldnt really call them a “high profile” couple.
    but i do agree i would love to see her back with Adam.

  • @manda

    Yes, I always liked Rachel and Adam together… :(

  • truthyisalways

    I’m not the only one who knows the story behind the story, right?

  • Amy

    Seth and Summer=Together

    Hayden and Me= Together

    *that’s how it happens in my head anyway

  • sam

    I have always secretly hoped these two would split so Rachel and Adam could get back together. They are so cute together!!

  • Selina

    @truthyisalways, you mean where Hayden is actually gay and Rachel has been his beard since 2008??
    Or are you referring to some other story?

  • Tracy

    I never believe they would make it to happy ever after either. I agree with other posters I wonder….Is it possible Adam and Rachel still have a thing for one another, and could get back together?

  • Max E. Padd

    Isn’t he gay?

  • EmCee

    I think they’re cute(they live by me and a friend saw her dropping him off at the dentist-cute!) but I definitely prefer her with Adam Brody haha

  • jo

    i like them too! i was rooting for them. i hope they get back together (even though i have to agree with trent with the weird couple thing) but aside from that, they seem cute!

  • jas

    agreed, her and Adam can get back together and the world can be right again.. haha

  • taikwan

    I like them both but especially Hayden. If you saw some of the candids while he was filming Factory Girl with Sienna Miller you would know that the gay label does not apply.

    Hope he has 2 major hits with Takers and Vanishing on 7th Street – which is scheduled to premiere at the TIFF.. and I’m going!

  • ZainR

    I actually wish she and Adam got back together. What I see between Hayden and Rachel is far different from her and Adam. I don’t or can’t really see them being very much in love with each other. With Adam on the other hand, I could see that not just on The OC but when they were out and about.