Wanna Go In The Locker Room With Cristiano Ronaldo?

Who wants to be an athletic supporter?

A new video, produced by Nike, has made its way to the Internets that follows footballer Cristiano Ronaldo on and off the soccer field … and into the locker room. Here are a few screencaps from this new vid:

Unfortch, there aren’t any scenes of Cristiano wearing only his Emporio Armani Underwear but there a few scenes that show a bit of flesh. Check it out in full after the jump …

Okay … a trip to the showers would’ve been nice but, all in all, not a bad video. My favorite part … no talking. HMMMM … now if we could just get a locker room video tour with David Beckham I could die a happy and complete life. Can someone make that happen please?


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  1. Kendra

    He looks kind of confused in parts…Ha! Ronaldo is ok..A bit skeezy to me, but he’s so talented..Now if they only had one of these with Fernando Torres..Yummm.. :)

  2. Lyssa

    Love how he blows that old guy a kiss and then pretends to cut his hair haha.
    Thanks for the vid. GO PORTUGAL.

  3. K

    He looks so fugly, looks like one of the Jersey Shore

  4. DC

    HOT HOT HOT LOVE him!!!!

  5. Illise

    he is so ugly give me fabio cannavaro or rafa marquez but im tired of this beckham wannabe

  6. krissy

    K, that is exactly what I was thinking. He is very cute, but ruins it all with his “Jersey” style and all that crap in his hair! Such a waste.

  7. Aww, he’s definitely not ugly. You obviously have some higher than God standard for looks then. Are you saying the average man is better looking than him? hahahaha JOKES MAN! If you don’t have anything nice to say, then SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    Cristiano Ronaldo is an amazing soccer player and an extremely handsome man. I saw this video yesterday and was in love.

  8. krissy

    Bringing out the F-bomb because someone has different taste in men than you do. Classy.

  9. Mr,.Gyllenhaal

    See he doesn’t do anything for me! He is back to his Jersey ways again and I do not find that at all appealing! Becks forever!

  10. what?!

    This isn’t a Jersey type of guy he’s from Portugal. In case you haven’t noticed people who live in Mexico, Italy and Portugal like embellished clothing. It doesn’t mean they’re Jersey Shore imitators or ghetto looking. That’s just what is “in” in some of the countries (The same exists in Japan with the Harajuku girls).

  11. K

    I’m not talking about his clothes, his hair is so ugly, look at his haircut there’s no difference between him and whatever Jersey Shore guy, he has a tan, strangely styled eyebrows, earrings. There’s no denying that he has talent, but he doesn’t do it for me in the looks department

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