Michael C. Hall Talks ‘Dexter’, Shows Up For Work On ‘Dexter’ Set


Michael C. Hall, who was spotted on a date with his beautiful wife and co-star Jennifer Carpenter a couple of weeks ago, sat down for a little interview with the LA Times to talk about Dexter right as the 5th season of the show is going into filming production. In this new interview, MCH talks about the delicious darkness that plagues his Dexter character and hints a bit at what’s to come in the upcoming new season … here are a few excerpts:

Why do you think Dexter as a character has connected with audiences, despite his objectionable actions?
I think audiences relish the opportunity to identify with these central, even glaring, flaws. I think all of us have a shadow that we carry around — whether it’s as formidable as one that inspires you to be a serial killer …. But I think there’s something on a metaphorical level that resonates with people.

Aside from the strict code that Dexter lives by, what else keeps him relatable either for you as an actor or for the audience?
For me, it’s always been about what separates him from the rest of the world that makes him interesting: He lacks authenticity. We all struggle with issues of our own relative authenticity or inauthenticity. We all know what it’s like to behave compulsively and just feel like we’re not really in a place of choice when it comes to certain behaviors. The fact that he does take responsibility for his affliction is something that I think is admirable in spite of how it manifests itself.

Is there anything that you’re hoping to explore with Dexter in the next season?
Well, I’m certainly interested in going through the aftermath of the enormous mess that has been made of Dexter’s world at the end of the fourth season. And I think the relationship to the code, to the father, what happened at the end of the fourth season is sort of a revamped version of Dexter’s origin story. But in this case, he has some responsibility for what happened. I don’t know if that’s going to lead to his complete mental collapse — doubt it — or rehabilitation — I doubt that too. But how will he move forward? It’s the question that everybody who watches is probably pretty interested in.

The sociopathic side of Dexter seemed to be pretty in check during the last season with his idyllic suburban life. Do you think he’s progressed?
There is some sort of undeniable development or progression toward humanity, but I think that every step he’s taken on that front has been a pragmatic step, one that he needed to make in order to continue to live a life that allowed him to indulge in his primary compulsion. Yes, I think undeniably Dexter is someone who has taken unique responsibility for his darker impulses, not killing indiscriminately. And does experience what seems to be a genuine connection to at least the children in his world. It has so much to do with the way Dexter frames it. He has to frame that progression and that learning and those different kinds of behaviors within a context that allows him to continue to do what he does without ending up in an insane asylum.

You can read the full text of this interview HERE. But while this new interview is interesting and all, I’m more interested in what’s going on on the SoCal set of Dexter this week! MCH was snapped on set filming a scene with … well, someone you might not expect. So as not to spoil anything for those of you who wish to remain unspoiled, I’ll leave the reveal behind the cut. After the jump, check out the VERY SPOILERY photos that show who Michael C. Hall was filming new Dexter scenes with on set this week …

OH.MY.GOOOOOOD! Rita returns!! Those of you who couldn’t resist seeing these photos prolly couldn’t resist reading the full text of THIS post where it was revealed that Rita (played by Julie Benz) would be returning in Dexter season 5 … despite the fact that she was murdered at the end of season 4. Judging by her style of dress, I’m guessing that they are working on a flashback scene … Rita hasn’t dressed this frumpy for a while now. Squeeeeeeee … I’m dying. It’s so great seeing MCH and Julie back to work on Dexter again (even if Julie won’t be working on Dexter for much longer). It was great seeing photos of MCH on the set of his new film East Fifth Bliss in NYC last month but NOTHING beats seeing him on the set of Dexter. WEEEE! I LOVE these photos, don’t you?

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  • Cupcake

    LOVE this show – – – Can’t waiiiiiiiiit!

  • yadira

    daaamn i love dexter so much and i also adore michael c hall is great to see him looking so well and and getting better and better!! cant wait!!!!!

  • May

    Do you think Rita’s “death” was just a hallucination/flashback moment that Dexter anxiously imagined before opening the door and finding Rita in the tub, alive? The imagery in that scene was always very peculiar– very blurry…

    An idea.

  • Lacey

    May – I wish that will be the case but I doubt it. I hate to see Rita leave! It’ll be interesting to see how this season will work.

  • Kendra

    Ohhhh weeee!! I’m so excited!! This is definitely old school frumpy Rita..I wonder if it’ll be a flashback to when they met? I don’t know and I don’t care..The fact that they’re shooting is all that matters!

  • joolz

    the dexter production was in my brother’s neighborhood last week filming scenes that i assume will be at the very beginning of the upcoming season. dexter & rita’s house is right around the corner from his apartment. i even snapped a pic of the FBI truck still out in front of the house! lol

  • Gaby

    Im super duper excited about Season 5. Its possible that Rita could be a flashback, or maybe even showing us how Trinity actually did the killing. Hurry up Sept. 25th LOL

  • it will take your breath away