Watch: Behind The Scenes Video Of Taylor Lautner’s ‘GQ’ Magazine Shoot


Yesterday we got our first look at Taylor Lautner on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of GQ magazine and right now we get to watch behind the scenes video of his very hawt photoshoot:

Don’t you just love it when a magazine spread like Taylor’s in the new issue of GQ just keeps on giving? Here’s hoping there’s even more to give … like shirtless outtakes. MMMM.



    Team (movie, not book) Jacob! ; )

  • Darlea

    Team Jacob! R-Patz has nothing on Taylor Lautner. Swoon.

  • Mo

    That flip was hott with two t’s!

  • Blaire

    Wow… I may have just switched to Team Jacob!!! :) :) :)

  • J.

    Talk about God’s gift to humanity…

  • Megan

    They need more pictures of him smiling, he looked so freakin adorable at the end. Swoon.

  • JT086

    I’m all for a hot guy, promise. That being said, isn’t it innnnnnnteresting that Miley Cyrus and Taylor Lautner are relatively the same age. We all have been drooling over Taylor since he was 17, he got to keep his part ONLY because of his abs, and it’s completely ok. But someone like Miley Cyrus (it’s just an example because of the age) is ripped apart, called a sl*ut when she does things similarly?

    Just an interesting double standard.

  • Tracy

    Damn he looks good.