Milo Ventimiglia Shows Off A New Hair’Do


Yesterday we saw a scary photo of footballer Tom Brady showing off his new Bieber-inspired hair’do and today we learn that Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia is also showing off a new ‘do. Milo is known for his luxuriously shaggy/sexy long hair … but these days, homie is rollin’ with a chrome dome. He shaved off ALL of his beautiful hair, y’all!

A lucky fan ran into Milo and his new ‘do and managed to snap a pic with him (which she immediately posted on Twitter). I mean … the man does look good even with a buzzed head but … I miss his hair:

If YOU have seen Milo’s missing hair, please call authorities … it is missed, very sorely missed :(


  • debho

    Looks way hotter without hair!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Debho…he looks way better with the hair!

  • debho

    Nah, I’ve always had a weakness for baldy’s. lol My husband hasn’t had hair in ten years…but that’s mainly an age thing. lol

  • Liza

    My husbands in the Army so it may just be because I’m conditioned but shaved heads like that are so sexy (mostly) – man, Milo is sexy, even without hair.

  • Jenkaaa

    With his hair he looked much better.
    But i still like Milo :D
    He is a very good actor, and he’s hot.

  • Paige

    I miss Milo’s sexy locks, I’m a sucker for shaggy hair. Granted he is still a good looking guy but the hair! Oh the hair… Hears hoping it turns up again in a few months.

  • nonino

    He’s so much sexier with the new style. MUCH improved.

  • Renee

    I wouldn’t kick him out of bed either way…..I’m just happy he’s not with Hayden anymore.

  • Vicky

    He is super sexy with his hair… but DAMNNNNNNN. Definitely feeling his new hair cut!

  • todd

    OMG, so much hotter!

  • Amanda

    What did he do?!?!?! That mouth is still so sexy

  • Trent made a poster for you to use:
    Wendi from the Heroes Crew already tweeted it for me!

  • K

    nooooooooooooooooo grow it back

  • Angela

    Okay, he looks hot. Love him with hair, love him without. He’s lucky he has a pretty face!

  • Megan

    *clutches pearls* Milo nooooo! Your beautiful hair! Okay, he still looks gorgeous, but dammit, there’s nothing to grip onto now. Where are we meant to put our hands? (Don’t answer that. BUT don’t pretend you weren’t all thinking it either.)

  • whotheheckami

    he looks a little like Joran van der sloot. Maybe it’s just me…..

  • augh! WHYYYYYYY?!?

  • krissy

    that is one sexy man with or with out hair :)

  • dgrin

    he is sexy nevertheless but I always feel short hair accent facial hair so I think he needs to get a clean cut shave to rock it, otherwise he’ll be hot again in a few weeks when the hair grow a few inches,

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  • rosa

    oh my god,,, but that is cool too~~
    milo u always best!!!

  • Evie

    Oh man. This is too much. Milo + shaved head = too much sexiness for one person. It’s just not fair to other guys.