Les News, 061610

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  • nicole

    – i love that Gabbys mom says – “my daughter is a big star but im still pursuing my dream” and shes pretty damn good!

  • PixiesBassline

    I just watched the vid of the cop who punched a lady…
    Those two women could’ve beat that cop’s ass – lol. He was STRUGGLING to “maintain”!
    If the group of people around them had gotten involved, that cop coulda been fuuucked up. What an asshole.

  • collie

    I just watch the women getting punched for jaywalking and I don’t agree with the punch, but he had every right to hit her. He is a cop, she was breaking the law and not following his orders. He could have maced her, tazed her, etc. I actually feel bad for the cop, things could have been much worse.

    • @collie — YOU’VE got to be kidding? Physical violence for jaywalking … from a police officer? Police officers do NOT have “every right” to punch people in the face while administering jaywalking tickets. Outrageous.

  • nicole

    @Collie – “he had every right to hit her..he is a cop” thats bullshit.

  • Ama

    The cop punching that woman was uncalled for and unprofessional. That is what happens when a cop let’s his/her ‘power’ get to them and begin to think that they can do whatever they want because of their title. Sadly it happens a lot. The situation could have been handled differently and been better for everyone involved, but this is just another case of ‘violence will proof my point better so I have to do it’. Sad stuff. Also no one has a ‘right’ to hit anyone else, no matter what their title may be.


    – I HATE cops! Just because you have a badge and drive a car with a siren does not make you God, BB. Like, I get pulled over at least 1 a month for NOTHING! It’s just because I’m a teenager and I drive a Honda. That’s the only reason.
    – I think Xavier is quite good-looking, but a lot of my friends say he’s ugly.
    – LMFAO @ the GaGa doll.

  • collie

    Trent I completely respect your opinion, but I still have to disagree. I’ve produced many episodes of Cops (Fox) and Gangland (History Channel) and I have to say I’ve learned a couple of things on those shoots over the years. A.) Being a cop is not easy, don’t get me wrong there are bad cops (just like they’re bad people in all jobs, even bloggers I’m guessing). B.) If you are in the process of breaking any law and you do not abide by the cops orders they have every right to restrain you however they feel fit. And if you lay a hand on a cop then I would say buckle up for some kind retaliation.
    There are a lot of things we don’t now about this incident. What happen prior to the camera rolling? Is this an intersection where jaywalkers have been hit by a car in the past? Jaywalking may seem like a little stupid law, but I assure you it was put in the books for a reason.
    Again I’m not justifying what this cop did, I’m just saying, from what I saw he broke no rules of the badge and I believe any judge would feel the same.
    I’m curious as to what you think he should have done? Just let her break the law and completely ignore a officer of the laws orders.
    Oh for the Chase comment, if you are getting pulled over once a month, I promise you it’s not because you’re a teen and drive a Honda.

    • @collie — A. I never said being a police officer is easy. B. For any person in a place of authority to punch another in the face is completely outrageous and seems very plainly like abuse of power. You are absolutely right, we do not know what happened before cameras rolled. But cameras do shed light on criminal events that might otherwise go unreported. Right now there is a police officer on trial here in California for SHOOTING a man to death for a small infraction in a subway. He is only on trial because there is video of the incident. I agree, being a police officer is hard work and it’s not for everyone. Maybe this guy needs to find other employment.

  • Jordan B

    Hi Trent, I have been reading your blog for about four years now and I really enjoy it. That said I just wanted to say that my father was a police officer and was killed during a routin traffic stop when I was a child. I get deeply offended when I hear people say they hate cops. Really? You hate the men and women who put their lives on the line daily to try and make it safer for you? Granted there are bad cops out there who do horrible things, but not all cops are bad. That is all I really wanted to say. Trent this was not addressed at you.

  • collie

    I see where you’re coming from Trent and honestly agree with 90% of it. I don’t condone violence and feel that one should always find a non-violent way to find a conclusion, but simply put we live in a world that is full of it.
    I live in Chicago and trust me when I say I’ve seen cops abuse their power, even with me personally. We have a crazy gun problem out here.
    I guess I just see a cop doing his job, an offender resisting his orders and another bystander getting physically involved. I’m just not sure what other options he had at that very moment, that would make everyone happy. If you resist arrest things will get physical, that’s the bottom line.
    Maybe you’re right and this cop should find another line of work. Nice talking your way…

  • @manda

    Wow, it’s really hard to judge from that video what was really going on. Those ladies should not have been resisting like that, but the cop should not have punched her in the face either. Where the hell was his back up? And has he ever heard of mace and handcuffs? I’d say that the cop was pretty lucky those by-standers didn’t get involved or he’d be in a whole heap of a mess!

  • F

    Oh no…a woman who clearly has no respect for police officers gets punched in the face…would you bleeding hearts have preferred him to taze her instead, or pull out his gun? I think he was in the right, maybe now they’ll think twice before opening their mouths…

  • Adrian

    @ Jordan B: I totally agree with you. People may say “Oh I hate cops because of blah blah blah” but when it comes to the same people needing help its “the cops weren’t there when I needed them”. Its a no win situation for police! I applaud your dad for doing his job, trying to keep people safe.

  • Adrian

    I looooved it when Kathy put Elizabeth in her place. Not even a minute on stage and Elizabeth was already pouty and looked like a snotty stuck up beotch. I also loved it when Joy put her in her place with offshore drilling “With Sarah Plain it’s ok for her to say Drill baby Drill but with Obama you want drilling to stop?”

  • Carolyn

    No one else has said it, but how does the Twilight franchise have the right to sue another company for a design that existed pre-twilight films?! What a load of crap.

  • Val 2.0

    Carolyn – Exactly! I say BB Dakota should counter sue for using their product in the film without permission. That’d shut them up quick.

  • Erica

    ok, i know i’m way late on this, but…the cop didn’t punch her for jaywalking. he punched her for pushing him. i don’t think he should have punched her though. he should have tried to find another way to restrain her i guess.had he thrown her to the ground and cuffed her though, he would have still been in the wrong to some people. fact of the matter is, when someone is being unruly and fighting, there is no easy way to restrain them. the girls should have taken their ticket and been on their way.

  • TwoDozenRoses

    I live in Seattle and watched the news on this issue. The HIGH SCHOOL asked police to come out and enforce the jaywalking laws because they were WORRIED about the amount of kids running across a dangerous road.

    The video shows a large group around ONE OFFICER. No backup. They could have all gotten involved and the officer could have been hurt.

    The officer was trying to talk to her/restrain her/whatever, when she started SHOVING HIM and RESISTING!!!!!!! You can’t do that to an officer.

    Come on, Trent, do you not see that?


    Sorry, but although I don’t necessarily AGREE w/ the punch, it’s not like she did NOTHING to deserve it. He made the judgement call.

    I also heard the police chief, he said that is what they are TRAINED TO DO in response to situations like that.

  • Stephani

    The cop and the girl are both in the wrong; as we all know your reaction to getting a ticket should not be to get into a physical altercation with an officer, and you should not call in your friend for back up. In case anyone isn’t aware, knocking an officer around will not get you out of your ticket. However, the officer should no have punched the girl, almost any other means of restraint would have been a better way to handle the situation; and placing the officer in that situation without another officer or partner is a mistake of the Seattle PD.


    So they’re trained to punch people in the face? Wow, I did not know that! How surprising. And also, when I’m driving, I obey all the traffic laws, I don’t speed, I don’t do anything. I get pulled over and they ask, “Have you had any alcohol?” No. “Have you smoked marijuana in the past 24 hours?” No. “Are you on probation?” No. “What color are your windows?” They’re legally tinted. “Look into my flashlight.” OK. “Where are you going?” It’s like shut up and find someone who is actually BREAKING law.

  • Adrian

    @CHASE: I have been asked the same questions myself. Do I have anything to hide, nope. I’m sure you don’t either based on your answers. It’s their job to ask questions like that.

  • @manda

    I have to say that no matter what happened, this cop needs to be re-trained. Not for the punching part, but for the fact that he couldn’t get two teenage girls under control. He just did a terrible job IMO.