Tom Brady Shows Off A New Hair’Do


Last week Katherine Heigl showed off a terrible hair’do that was far TOO OLD for her on the red carpet of the London premiere of her new film Killers and this week Tom Brady shows off a kinda terrible hair’do that is far TOO YOUNG for him seated courtside at the NBA Finals in Boston, MA. Is it just me or does Tom’s new hair’do remind you of someone else?

Just before wife Gisele made her big comeback on the catwalk in Brazil, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was in Boston debuting something of his own–a shaggy new bowl cut! The proud papa of baby Benjamin was spotted front-and-center at the NBA finals last week sporting an overgrown mop that was a major departure from the debonaire, cropped hair that we’re used to seeing on the handsome quarterback during football season. The teenager-like look drew an overwhelming response from Patriots nation, with Boston-area stylists telling the Boston Herald that Brady’s Bieber hair should be “a little more textured, layered, a little more shaped.”

Oh man … this ‘do just looks so bad on Mr. Brady. Get thee to a barber shop, post haste!

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • nicole

    oh wow.

  • shannon

    YIKES! Definitely not a good look on him. If he wants a haircut that length it should be something more masculine and with a better shape for his face. Gisele should just shave him bald in his sleep when she returns home!

    • Betty Popera

      Yes, I agree with you. She’ll give him a favour shaving him bald because he looks much better with his head shaved.

  • sarah

    it’s off season give him a break !! ahah

  • amanda

    “and i was like brady, brady brady ohhhh”

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal


  • Suz

    Ick! I’m so tired of that haircut on all the younguns, and now it’s ruining Tom Brady’s hawtness.

  • nicole

    @Amanda – you got a giggle from me lol

  • Ben

    WHAT?!?! BLARGH!!

  • what?!

    Hey looks like he just finished filming his own version of “Dumb & Dumber”!

  • lucy

    nevermind the hair…he’s got creepy serial killer eyes!

  • @manda

    Wow, Bieber looks terrible with that hair-do, but Tom managed to make it look worse!

  • Amanda J

    He’s so gorg (and even more awesome because he was Michigan Wolverine!)… but I also thought it was a Dumb and Dumber cut. Pleaseee cut it, Tom.

  • LEW

    That MUST be a wig! I never thought that gorgeous man could look so bad!

  • laina

    That’s a hair-DON’T!!!


    He looks like Jodie Foster’s brother. : )

  • krissy

    He has such a great face, but the hair is way too round for him. He looks like the guy on Million Dollar Listing.

  • t


  • Katherine

    LOL, I think I’ve seen another website stick “Beiber hair” on a bunch of celebs, and I thought this was photoshopped initially.
    I’d like to see more photos, because I’m not sure what’s making him more un-sexy, the hair, the crazy eyes, or the goofy face?

  • jus

    ew, just ew.

  • April