Taylor Lautner Gets Shirtless For ‘GQ’ Magazine


Earlier today we got our first look at Taylor Lautner on the cover of the new issue of GQ magazine — due out on newsstands on June 22 — but right now we get to see some of the photos from inside the mag that I think are worth your while. When I posted the cover earlier today, only one photo from inside the mag was available for viewing … by this afternoon, a few more photos from his spread have been made available … behold:

Yes, my friends … I WILL be buying this issue of GQ when it hits newsstands on June 22. Actually, I’ll be buying two. How about you?

[Photo credit: Mario Testino/GQ; Source]

  • Dawn

    Absolutely have no idea why there is even a team Edward…, that car pic is so…. * must remember I am old enough to be his mother * so athletic. *sigh*

  • LEW

    I’m old enough to be his older sister…. but man he is a cutie!!


    HOT! However, his voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Don’t speak and everything will be good, BB. : )

  • Tracy


  • just… yes… its all i can say… Yyyyyyyyyesssss

  • tatiana

    I feel like a child molester. lol

  • debho

    Naw, I have children older than him. lol

  • Katherine

    LOL @tatiana, I totally thought the same thing! Why are people being so hard on Miley for being sexy when Taylor is clearly doing the same jail bait thing?

    • @Katherine — Taylor Lautner is 18 years old. Miley Cyrus is not.

  • roxster

    i love when he does flips in his photoshoots…..good question Katherine…I think its cause unlike her, he never created a public image as a wholesome kids entertainer to start. Not to say hes not wholesome, he does present himself that way. But he still does that wholesome thing even while posing with his shirt off. Its just his shirt off which we see in his movies and other spreads. miley in contrast tries to be more provacative and sensational with her attempts to be sexy. Thts my only guess, but id say in general a lot of it is in comparison to prior public image, and how they both present themselves in addition to those pics.

  • kristin

    Thanks so much for posting the best pics of Jacob Black yet!!!! so fine!!!!!

  • jessica

    Is anyone else thinking that Aniston’s camps should be worried that Lautner can sell more water than she can?

  • I don’t even know why he buys shirts anymore. It’s so unnecessary. Someone should pass a law that makes it illegal for him to wear shirts. It’s for the good of mankind, really.