Another Car Belonging To Charlie Sheen Has Been Stolen, Driven Into A Ravine


Remember back in February of this year when we heard that one of Charlie Sheen’s cars had been stolen from his home and then was found at the bottom of a ravine in the Hollywood Hills here in SoCal? Yeah, well, it happened again … no lie. A second car belonging to Charlie Sheen was stolen last night and was, again, driven off a cliff in the Hollywood Hills here in SoCal:

For the second time in recent months, a luxury vehicle belonging to “Two and a Half Men” star Charlie Sheen has been found over the side of a cliff near the actor’s Sherman Oaks home, police have confirmed to KTLA. A security guard spotted the Mercedes-Benz in a ditch along the 13,300 block of Mulholland Drive just before 3 a.m. Tuesday, according to Los Angeles Police Department officials. The vehicle was about 100 feet over the side. Fire crews responded and determined the vehicle had been abandoned. The engine was running and the keys were inside the ignition. Officials ran the plates and the vehicle came back registered to Charlie Sheen, police told KTLA. LAPD officials contacted the actor at his home and he didn’t even know the car had been missing. It’s being assumed the car was stolen, police told KTLA. The incident is under investigation. The scene was almost identical to one that played out a few months back involving another one of Sheen’s luxury vehicles. In February, a different Mercedes-Benz belonging to Sheen was found upside-down at the bottom of a ditch in the same area. The actor had reported the car stolen from his nearby gated community. Sheen reportedly parked the car inside an open garage at his Sherman Oaks home with the keys still inside the ignition. Sheen apparently told authorities he felt safe leaving the car that way because he lives in a gated community. It was not clear whether the actor was targeted in the theft. Investigators said nothing else was burglarized from Sheen’s home.

Ya know, gated community or not … I’m gonna guess that the likelihood of one’s car being stolen and driven off a cliff, into a ravine will go down exponentially if Sheen starts NOT leaving the keys to his unlocked car in the ignition … just a wild guess. I mean … I know that my cars don’t get stolen and driven off cliffs on a regular basis most likely because I don’t leave my keys in the ignition of my unlocked cars but … you know, just WILDLY guessing here. To be honest, I thought the car in the ravine thing was a bit silly the first time around … this time it sounds downright dumb. Lock your cars, Charlie. Seriously.


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    ” I have an alibi, I swear”…LMAO!!! That was classic!

  • N

    I think Charlie had something to do with it.

  • monica

    I kind of think he’s drunk driving it off cliffs himself, then escaping home before anyone finds him since he’d be in deep sh*t. I mean, that’s just crazy for it to happen once, but twice?

  • Billybob Tanner

    Looks like someones got it in for ol Charlie…

  • kk

    im with you monica…i refuse to believe anyone would actually think he’s telling the truth about the car being stolen

  • Megan

    Someone is trying to teach charlie a lesson, and show everyone how dumb he is in the process. You leave your keys in the ignition and it (along with someone elses car the first time) get driven off a cliff. And you still think its safe to do it again? Moron!

  • Anna

    This is absolutely hilarious. I love the idea that someone is methodically driving his cars off cliffs.