Zac Efron Bares His Wet Bod In Maui


Zac Efron, who is in Hawaii this week ahead of the 2010 Maui Film Festival (where he will be honored with the Shining Star Award on Wednesday night), spent part of his weekend doing a bit of swimming with his younger brother Dylan and managed to show off a little bit of his physical fitness. RadarOnline brings us a hearty look at Zac and his many chiseled muscles:

Now, that’s a Maui wowie! A shirtless Zac Efron showed off his rock hard bod while taking an early morning swim with his brother Dylan in Maui on Sunday … Next up for Zac: he stars in the big screen drama Charlie St. Cloud which hits theaters July 20, 2010.

OH my … yes … Zac does look really good in these photos. Considering he wasn’t lookin’ all that great in the last batch of photos we saw of him last week, these photos are a welcome sight. After the jump, find out what the Maui Film Festival has in store for Zac this week — oh, and check out a couple more photos of Zac on the beach …

Teen heartthrob Zac Efron will be honored by the Maui Film Festival in Hawaii later this month with its Shining Star Award. The star of “High School Musical 3: Senior Year” and “17 Again” will accept the award June 16, the festival’s opening night. Festival director Barry Rivers says the 22-year-old actor is an “exemplary shining star.” Rivers says this year’s mantra is “Trust the Future,” and Efron is an actor withan extraordinary career behind him and an even more brilliant one ahead of him.

Woof! Yeah, I am ALL for Zac spending as much time as he likes at the beach in Maui … yes sir … and if he wants to just walk around all day, all night wearing as little clothing as possible, I think I’d be okay with it. Yes … uh huh. What do y’all think?

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source, Source]

  • Kendra

    Sweet Jeebus! This kid is so hot! I

  • N

    When he first started becoming famous, I wasn’t a huge fan. As he gets older though, he gets HOTTER. Holy man! lol. Nice!!

  • Madsme

    What does his brother look like? Anything similar? God it must be soul-crushing to have a sibling that looks like that.

    • @Madsme — His brother is, like, 12.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Holy lord….break me off a piece of that ASAP!!!!

    • @Mr. Gyllenhaal — AWWW, I’m telling Jake!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Trent…Jake who:)

    • @Mr. Gyllenhaal — !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jen

    whhhhaaaaaaaaa?! The boy just keeps getting hotter, I had no idea abs like that have been hiding under his shirt. damn.

  • g

    Actually Trent, his brother is 18 and graduated from high school this past week. I live in their home town :)

    • @g — Oh, I thought he was younger … he looks, like, 12

  • @manda




  • Aw, Zac, you look so good. You are hot, hot, hot.. This is claudette, the 65 year old grandmother who loves you & everything you do. Please don’t ever change. You and 1 of my grandson’s remind me a lot of each other. Love you, Zac, claudette

  • Verodemort

    HOT DAMN!!!

  • Lucy

    I can’t wait to see his new movie!

  • Madsme

    Hmm…he’s totally not bad looking. Lucky genes!

  • Morgan

    Smokin’! Sizzlin’! HELP! Put the fire out!!!

  • artemis

    that vanessa hudgens is one lucky beyotch.

  • Haley

    The boy grew up good.

  • Whoa didn’t know he had all THAT going on. haha. I see he’s letting a little fur grow too :D

  • jus

    holy crap on a cracker he is so damn hot!