Britney Spears & Jason Trawick Sneak Off To Santa Barbara, CA


Earlier today we saw a photo of Britney Spears here in Hollywood, CA yesterday at the LA premiere of Toy Story 3 but she and her beau Jason Trawick made their way out of town for a little romantic excursion to Santa Barbara, CA together where they were spotted earlier in the weekend before Brit sneaked into the movie premiere yesterday:

It really seems like Britwick just can’t get enough of those budget hotels, don’t it? I hafta say, Jason is lookin’ pretty wrecked in these photos … his scruffiness is lookin’ less manly and more fugly. Ah well, the love birds were on vacay or whatever so … let them enjoy!

[Photo credit: X17]

  • Tim

    Can’t she Please take out that weave.

  • nicole

    ahhh the ruins it. and she was doing so well for awhile

  • krissy

    Usually when paparazzi are in Santa Barbara, it means they have been tipped off. Notice it is x17 that took them.


    Just by lookin’ at her hair makes my scalp feel extremely appreciative.

  • whotheheckami

    He may be a super sweet guy, but I KNOW she could find lots of super sweet guys who are better dressed, better looking, and closer in age than Jason. She is a prisoner in her own little world. I feel sorry for her. I mean that in the best possible way.

  • nancy

    He was so put toghether before he hooked up with her. Trent, you should put together a chronological pictorial of his decline and rename him Trainwreck! I love Britney but her effect on him isn’t looking too positive ;-(

  • Sexy Boy

    I think she looks hot in that outfit and her body is bangin! Her boyfirned is lookin scruffy but who cares who all do now and then lol. Her hair isn’t perfect but who cares? She still looks hot! And when she actually hit the premiere she looks GREAT! Her hair is so hot and she looks hot in the dress she wore to the premiere! lol.

  • Jeana

    I really want her to be happy, but she rarely smiles when she is photographed with him. Catch her near a starbucks and it is a different story. I just find that odd.

  • k

    oh trent i think you love these kind of photos, she finally cleans herself up and you posted only a picture? you should have dedicated her a whole post celebrating her beauty!!!!

  • Hello123

    They really make the PERFECT pair dressing the way they do lol

  • vic

    Err they both look like homeless trailer trash..

  • SantaBarbaraBabe

    OMFG. I live in SB! I’m sooo going to stalk her. I know, it may be wrong, But I’ve been the BIGGEST fan since I was 8 years old. I have to try to get an autograph at least! :P

  • CRex

    Is it just me, or does poor Jason look like a stoned out beach bum? I’m glad they are still together… too bad they can’t go off somewhere like Montana or Utah and enjoy their time together where they wouldn’t be bothered…

  • Perhaps Jason is not shaving because he’s support ENgland in the World CUp? Haha

  • Jennifer

    Jason is starting to look like that crazy homeless guy who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart.
    Poor Britney.

  • JessicaL

    Lol Nancy the same could be said about Brad Pitt before he hooked up with Angelina.

  • Jon

    britney spears is smoke in hot and has an amazing body and i would fuck her in a minute and so wouldn’t everyone else

  • Val 2.0

    Jon – I don’t want lice or VD, so I’ll politely decline.