Betty White Does ‘Good Morning America’, ‘Nightline’

The Hollywood "It" Girl shows no signs of slowing down

Betty White, who we last saw here in Los Angeles, CA last weekend at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards honoring her friend and co-star Sandra Bullock, has made her way to NYC to do a bit of promo and paid a visit to Good Morning America to appear on the show earlier today. Here are a couple of photos of Betty making her way into the ABC Studios lookin’ as divine as ever:

I am still just amazed at how active Miss Betty is these days. She’s flyin’ around the country to appear at award shows, she’s making herself available to all sorts of interviews AND she is prepping for the premiere of her NEW TV SERIES Hot in Cleveland set to debut on TV Land this Wednesday night. The woman is simply amazing! After the jump check out her video interview from GMA this morning and watch her video interview on ABC‘s Nightline which aired last Friday night …

OMG … I just love her. I am so bummed that I missed seeing Betty on Nightline last Friday so I’m thankful that her full interview has been made available for viewing online:

I can’t even be worried that she may be pushing herself too hard because she looks completely and utterly fantastic every single time we see her. I’m convinced the woman will live forever … she has to. With such an amazing spirit, I know she ain’t going nowhere. I am so excited to watch Hot In Cleveland this week … you’ll be tuning in too, yes?

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  1. Kendra

    Awww..I love Betty White..It seems like they’ve been advertising for Hot In Cleveland forever! So excited it’s finally going to air! I’m not expecting comedy genius, but I hope it’s entertaining enough!

  2. R

    I hope that I can be as energetic, coherent, funny, and genuine at 88 years old.

  3. Joanna

    I am so beyond excited for “Hot in Cleveland” it’s not even funny!!! I saw her live on SNL last month and it was the BEST episode I had ever seen. I have never laughed so much at that show EVER! She makes everything she’s in just that much more exciting and lively. I really hope she lives to be at least 100 , maybe more!

  4. @manda

    She looks beautiful! I just love seeing her with animals.

  5. mary

    I love Betty White! She is just amazing.

  6. whotheheckami

    She is a treasure. Very few 88 year olds could keep up with her nor have as sharp a mind as she has.

  7. Kat

    I watched her on Jon Stewart last night and the crowd gave her so much love — they chanted Betty…. :-D

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