Watch: 1 Minute Of ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’

"Doesn't he own a shirt?"

So … who’s interested in seeing some bare werewolf flesh? If so, check out these screencaps from a newly released 1 minute clip from the upcoming sequel release film The Twilight Saga: Eclipse:

Altho this clip is fairly short, it highlights the tension between the love triangle made up of Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) about as well as any scene from any of the Twilight films does. Interested? Then check out the clip in full after the jump …

Okay, fess up … how many of you could give a shizz about the dramatic tension and only watched this clip to see Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black lookin’ all half nekkid? Yeah, I knew it. Enjoy :D


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  1. Raquel

    Those abs are so hot, you could bake cookies on them.

  2. Adrian Barron

    I know Taylor is 18 and all but I still feel weird thinking he is sexy. Sucks to be 34 :(

  3. @manda

    He does have a great bod!

  4. CHASE

    The kiss was actually good! I mean, usually their kissing scenes are so painful to watch and they make me feel violated. I know they’re supposed to be like that, but dayumn! Anyways, how could Bella not want that? She’s got some problems going on.

  5. Court

    @chase – i thought it looked awkward!! lol

  6. tatiana

    hehe. lol I love it. I cant believe ive been sucked into the Twilight mess…

  7. yousarocker

    I wonder how many parents of good little LDS girls will actually allow them to see this movie?

  8. kattow

    for a 18yr old his bod is amazing..and for once “edward” doesnt look CGI’d ( or whatever) to hell.

  9. Laura

    They always make Edward too white. It didn’t look so bad in the first movie because it was tinted blue slightly.

  10. CHASE

    @Court – True! But this was less awkward…the kisses in “New Moon” made me feel violated or something. Ha

  11. katie

    @Chase – I agree with you!! This kiss looked more natural and you can tell Edward is more comfortable now with Bella knowing he wont kill her!! haha it’s a nice change from the awkward kisses.

  12. Leslie

    I want to bite them both.

  13. holly

    no he doesnt own a shirt thats how we appeal to females. also… DUDE if youre kissing lihe either just pee on her if your that territorial.

  14. i luv twilight team edward all the way fuck jacob

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