Kellan Lutz Does ‘Men’s Health’ Magazine


Twilight heartthrob Kellan Lutz is featured on the cover and in the pages of the August issue of Men’s Health magazine (on sale June 29) and today we get our first look at Kellan’s HAWT Men’s Health coverphoto:

OY! Now this is a hot magazine cover. I know Men’s Health is all about getting guys to be more healthy and stuff like that but an issue like this is a MUST OWN for more reasons than just the health tips … yeah. After the jump see a few more photos of Kellan from within the pages of this issue of Men’s Health and find out why YOU must buy this magazine when it hits newsstands …

I mean … yes … Kellan looks good, no question about it. I may not be too jazzed about seeing his films on the big screen but … lordy, if he’s in a magazine, I’ll be buying it. I mean … c’mon, you know you’ll have to pick up this issue of Men’s Health when it hits newsstands, right?

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  • shannon

    Giggity giggity!

  • Grace

    He’s just a boy (and wayyyy too young for me) but I have such a girly-girl crush on him.
    That BOY is FINE! ;-)

  • Illise

    He has such a hot body wish his face was hot too cant find him atractive

  • jen

    oooooooooooohhhhh my.

  • Bruce


  • Ingrid

    What Grace said!!!