School’s Out For Sean Preston & Jayden James


Late last month we saw photos of Britney Spears’s young sons Sean Preston and Jayden James lookin’ like mini-style mavens as they got picked up from preschool … and today we get to see a few more pics of the stylish little dudes gettin’ picked up again:

As you can see, Summer is in full swing here in SoCal and Sean P. and JJ are dressed perfectly for the warm weather. I can’t even stand how CUTE these little guys are. They are going into such adorable little kids … aren’t they just the cutest?

[Photo credit: X17]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    They are so cute!!! I can not believe how big they are now! It is crazy.

  • krissy

    They are cute…but they are just children. I think it is awful that the paps take pictures of them at all, especially to and from school…and I think it is questionable to put them on your site. Love your work, Trent, but I think that to use the pictures is to feed the demand for exploitation and endangerment of the kids. If you really like them, don’t publish their pictures except from red carpet-style events.

  • g

    @ krissy
    I agree that the paps taking pictures is sad, but Trent is a celeb blogger. This is his job. He didn’t take the pictures. If Trent didn’t post them…someone else would.

  • krissy

    I disagree that being a celeb blogger means you have to support celebrity children photo market. He might not have taken the pictures, but I believe to publish them he has to buy them. The more sites that buy and publish the pictures, the more money the photo agency makes from the kid shots, the more they will try to get even more pictures of the children. Basic supply and demand. Let them have their privacy until they chose to be celebrities.

  • N

    I don’t want kids, but if I were guaranteed to have two as cute as these, I would totally give up my free life and be a parent! lol

  • mike

    Agree with N. If cute kids like these were part of the package of could count me in. How awesome are the shades on JJ?!!!

  • ha

    at least they don’t look like they have downs syndrome anymore!