Zac Efron Steps Out Without Checking His Face


It appears that Zac Efron got a little overzealous with the make-up concealer (or whatever) before he stepped out last night to pick up a dessert beverage becuase homie got photographed with a big smear of schmutz on his face … how embarrassing!

Now I realize that it is Zac’s job to make sure that he looks relatively put together whenever he ventures out into the public arena and that duty may require the use of make-up from time to time to smooth over those pesky natural imperfections … but damn boy, go easy on the Maybelline! To be fair, I’m not entirely sure that it’s make-up incorrectly applied to Zac’s face but whatever it is, it ain’t pretty. It’s OK, Zac … mistakes like this happen to the best of us. Just make sure you check yourself twice after your next facial.

[Photo credit: X17]

  • Kendra

    Meh..Shmutz or no shmutz..I’d still do him..

  • Chrissie

    not to be vulgar but it looks like dried cumm

  • Mr,.Gyllenhaal

    HA!!! So funny…he must use the same makeup artist as Nicole Kidman or the same drug dealer as LLO!!!

  • Ian

    Heh… “facial.”

  • Nicole

    It looks like the Origins white clay mask I use

  • LuvYa

    Zit cream? Calamine lotion? Flour from baking cookies?

  • Zac, you look wonderful no matter what is on your face.The most handsome man ever on the face of this earth. Love you, Zac, claudette

  • Kara

    Chrissie, I thought the same too!! ;)
    Dirty minds. ;P

  • amber

    I think it is just the whipped cream from the top of that dessert he’s having…methinks he got overzealous when he first started that drink!

  • DJ Vegas

    It brings that Boy George incident to mind when he was so hopped up on herion that he went on stage in his face pack. Except this time it looks more like “See what happends when you smoke a little too much pot while doing a clensing mask?” You end up with the munchies, walking around in a daze with your face mask half on searching for a venti mocha caramel frappachino. Why doesn’t the coffee bean deliver? WHY?

  • Jenny

    It’s in his hair, too. I’m assuming it’s that iced coffee he’s drinking.

  • DJ Vegas

    @ Amber and Jenny – That cup has a flat lid on it. Translation – NO whipped cream. I use to sling Frapps when the product was first introduced. That cup would not have a lid or a dome top if WC was involved. He’s just a hot mess right there. LOL.

  • CDevil

    It’s cocaine….I saw them doing it at Coachella this year


    He’s pretty, but so high maintenance! Deff a turn off.

  • F

    I agree with CDevil, it looks like blow.

  • Shan

    Ummm… who the hell gets blow all over the side of their face under their eyes? Homeboy must have done a face plant in that shit if thats what yall really think it is…..

  • Tracy

    He look f_ _ _ _ _ _ up!

  • K

    Cocaine or sunscreen???

  • Val 2.0

    He looks soooo wasted.

  • N

    It looks like he’s smeared some of his drink on his face

  • dbwilyumz

    Hillarious speculations, but the fact is that Efron got a bad case of poison oak while hiking over the Memorial Day weekend. It’s not cocaine, or dried cum, or foam off his drink, it’s lotion to ease the discomfort of poison oak rash – which appeared a lot more places than his face.