Les News, 060910

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  • Ama

    Poor gary still being used even after his death.

    Its sad, death bed photos and things alike are something that I personally think should not be shared with the public. It seems wrong to me.

  • Liza

    Lindsay’s right – she can’t get a fair trial. If she wasn’t a celebrity, she’d be in jail already.

  • Erin

    Gary’s ex-wife makes me sick. who poses next to their spouse on their deathbed?


    – Team Katy! People who use religion in music videos just for controversy purposes is cliche and extremely old and desperate. Madonna has beaten that to death already, so no need to recycle it. Kthanx
    – Christina’s outfit…EW
    – I think that video to Katy’s song is cute, but badly choreographed. Ha ; )

  • @manda

    Yeah but Katy making a song about kissing a girl is also quite cliche and overdone (if you’re not gay) as well. ~~~ Wooow.. Christina is in need of a hair/makeup intervention in the worst way! ~~~ Same on The Globe! ~~~ @Liza – LOL

  • @manda

    Oops, I meant *shame* on The Globe.

  • krissy

    Artists, for good reason, have been making commentary on the Catholic Church for CENTURIES. Literally. It is amazing to me that in this day and age of discovery of decades of sexual abuse scandals that the only artists in pop culture to give commentary are Madonna, Sinad O’Connor, and now Gaga. It is sad/ignorant that people act like Madonna is the only person to ever go there. (Also sad that people think that Madonna created 1930s imagery, and Ms. Dietrich, but that is another tangent).

    And I think it is really rich that a person who mimmicks fellatio during her MTV Movie Award performance and has whipped cream coming out of her tots in her video would call someone else’s work “cheap”. She didn’t complain with Russell Brand called himself Jesus in his latest movie as well. Can’t say Katy is the brightest bulb…

  • DJ Vegas

    Those arent suspender silly. If you like that you should come up for the Folsom St Fair. ;)

    • @DJ Vegas — Hee hee, I know ;) ‘Twas a joke :)

  • Brenda

    Aww man, I really wish they’d come up some fresh movie ideas. As much as I love horror movies, the remakes of classic 80s horror movies just don’t stand up to their originals. Also, Fright Night is the first horror movie that I remember watching. I remember watching it with my dad curled up on his lap in his big armchair when I was 4 or 5 years old (and we watched it many times, in addition to other horror movies like Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th series). The part where the girl becomes a vampire at the end and has a crazy vampire face always scared the crap out of me. Anyway, that movie had a huge influence on me loving horror movies. Obviously I’ll watch the remake, but I want new ones to scare the hell out of me!!

  • Katie

    Ugh…I don’t understand why anyone would pay money to secure photos of someone either dead or about to die to distribute, or being the person looking to sell them. I guess because people will look. Such a violation of someone that no longer can defend themselves. I can’t even imagine standing by a person I supposedly care about in that condition and thinking, “hmm how on earth can I use this to make some cash??” Sick, sick, sick!!

  • sarahliciousisdelicious

    In regards to Gary Coleman and his death…it smelt fishy from the beginning. RIP!
    I kinda like the necklace Xtina has on…however, i’d never wear it.

  • periz

    the “suspenders” were yummy ;)